I HATE computers (HELP!!!!)

Ok, so I was trying to fix my girlfriends laptop this morning, and I fixed the problem that she reported, but I encountered/created a new one. Now, it just shuts off, whenever it is connected to the internet for more then like 10 seconds. Doesn’t matter what kind of interent (does it at her house (DSL), mine (Cable), and her work (dialup)). But it doesn’t shut off all the way. It just goes to a black screen (still on) with a little horizontal cursor at the top left corner. Can’t ctrl+alt+del it. Can’t type anything. So I have to hold down the button for 6 seconds to shut if off manually. Then when I restart, scandisk come up as if I shut it down improperly. That’s about it. I am going away for the weekend, but any help would be appreciated, as I will be going to work on it again on Monday. Thanks.


I have this problem too, try disconnecting form your ISP before shutting down.

What was the original problem and what did you do to fix it?