I HATE getting felched by Bonzi!

It is **Sick & Wrong! ** It is subtle like Mac truck and makes Microsoft look like an anti-monopolist. It’s smegma-sucking creators should rot in Hell’s hell where an eternity of having their skin peeled slowly off, starting with their eyelids and nails would be too good for them.

For those of you fortunate enough to not know Bonzi, it is an evil lurking letch of a program that if you go to the wrong sites (not porn sites) it downloads itself without telling you and sets up a shortcut on your desktop. You don’t notice it until you check your desktop or restart your computer and **BOOM! ** there it is. I’ve exterminated it from numurous friends’ computers who don’t know how it got there or what to do about it just found it again on mine.
**I’ve had enough! **

This’ll sound a little excessive if you haven’t experienced it, but if you have, you’ll appreciate the self-control in displayed in my response.


P.S.- BTW, in case you haven’t guessed, I sincerely dislike the thing.

I just looked and the little bastard was on my computer! I just right clicked and hit delete. Is that all you have to do to get rid of him? What’s he supposed to do anyway?


Ad-Aware eases the pain.


These people must die. I can only hope to God some congressman gets it on his computer so he can get pissed and shut them down. And I don’t care if he does this legally. Or some greedy attourney so he can sue them for all they’ve got.
If any Bonzi employee reads this:

You are scum.

You are feces.

You are a festering pustule on the hairy ass of the human race.

You are a craven, greedy, worthless, soulless, merciless, gutless, amoral black-toothed unwashed filth-covered urine-smelling sadistic goblin, hiding in the shadows like the cowards you are, living only to squeeze a dollar out of people and happy to fuck anyone to do it. You are the people who would sell your own grandmother as an anal-sex slave if you could make a dime on it. You are the people who would sell aborted fetuses to Hormel to be canned as luncheon meat, claiming it was pork. You are the ones who would dump cyanide in the water supply to boost sales of your water purifiers. You are not fit to associate with humans, but only telemarketers, personal-injury lawyers and child-abusing priests. You are the foul evil depraved money-grubbing mass-murdering rapist child-molesting Nazi Communist Al-quaeda Microsoft necrophiliac ghoul-for-hire bastard offspring of an unholy union of a crack-whore and Satan himself. Your very existence is a blot on all creation, and no man or woman on earth can live in true happiness or joy so long as you roam the earth. I can only pray that you are immolated in a pyre of your money and your ashes sent into space so that they cannot befoul the ecosystem.

There. That felt good.

<Announcer 1>: “What a rant by furt! Technically skilled, full of complex double-expletives and colourful metaphors…”
<Announcer 2>: “The judges are posting their score now–”
<Announcer 1>: “5.8, 5.9, 5.8, 5.7, 5.9, 5.9, 5.9!”
<Announcer 2>: “A gold medal-caliber performance by furt!”

What PosterChild andfurt said.

Not much to say, really, except that furt kicked ass with that rant. Great goddess, that has to be worth a 9.8/10.0! :eek:


What I loathe is WEBSITES THAT TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES TO INSTALL COMET CURSOR WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION. It happened late last night, and it always takes so long to ad-aware it away because it has like 150 components that you need to hand-select individually.

I’ve had the same thing happen with both Bonzi and Comet Cursor, but nothing – I mean nothing – compares to that freakin’ Gator that supposedly saves all your passwords…

I’ve tried I don’t know how many times to delete it from my hard drive…I did it once and thought everything was fine until I must’ve gone to a site I don’t frequent and BAM, there’s that stupid Gator again!




I really liked this line.

But PosterChild’s rant not only got this party kicked off, but had some very nice lines and good use of colored font. Consider this:

and then this line at the end:

I love it. Style. Understated grace. Demonaic onycholysis and epidermolysis.

PC, I give you a 9.9/10. I have a suspicion that the other judges are French

Yeah, tell me about it! That freakin’ Gator is the worst. For a while, you couldn’t download the shareware copy of Snood without it sneaking that little bitch of a program in under your nose. In order to get rid of it, you actually have to go into your fucking registry! You can try “Add or Remove Programs”, but just when you think it’s gone - BAM! It hits you again.

Anybody who has ever worked on that program needs to be anally raped with a white-hot crowbar.


Bonzi? Comet Curso? Gator? Snood? I know not these things, and I fear looking for them lest I infect my little box with their foulness.

You veterans, you combat-scarred heroes and champions, please explain to this neophyte what these foul manifestations of the Demon Digitalia Malis are, and what they do to the unprepared.

YES!!! I HIGHLY recommend this fine piece of software. THANK GOD for those fine folks at Lavasoft.

And make sure you use the program that updates the ad definition file. I updated today, ran the thing, and it found over 120 ad ware components. Most from that goddamn “Brilliant” bullshit that installs with Kazaa AND DOESNT GO AWAY EVEN IF YOU UNINSTALL KAZAA!!! FUCKERS!!!

To prevent these parasites (Comet Cursor esp.) if you are using IE, open IE, go to tools , then internet options , then advanced and scroll down to enable install on demand. Uncheck **enable install on demand **and those annoying programs will have to ask you for permission before they install themselves.

Just to weigh-in with my agreement on Ad-Aware. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself from the slew of crapware programs that are out there (Comet Cursor, Gator, Bonzi Buddy, and so on and so forth). Many of these programs are attached to other popular shareware programs (in essence, they are trojans), and most people don’t even realize they might be installed on their computers. The fact that they pretend to be part of some sort of legitimate business is laughable.

Fuck Bonzi Buddy, especially. I hate that little bitch.

Amen to that. and the fucker looks crappy also.

If you use internet explorer, change your settings so that it turns off Javascript and ActiveX by default. You can then take sites that have a need for those thigns and add them to your trusted list. It’s very easy and saves a lot of headaches, since most sites you visit don’t need to use them.

I don’t worry about BonziBuddy, Comet Cursor, places that add links to your favorites, places that reset your home page, popups - I have none of those problems.

They’re Spyware. They note where you’ve been on the web and transmit some or all of that info to…someone.

Their current method is twofold: they pretend to be useful (Comet Cursor changes your mouse pointer on certain web pages in annoying ways, Gator remembers all your passwords and (maybe) credit card numbers (but transmits info without your knowledge…) and Bonzai? I don’t remember what Bonzai does. Maybe puts ads on web-pages or worse, redirects you to new pages. So you type in www.ebay.com and instead of ending up at eBay, you end up at say, crappyjunk.com

I have no idea why this is supposed to be useful.

Anyway they’re often installed without telling you. You download a shareware game and find that Gator has been installed on your system without your knowledge or consent.

I say, we lock all the spammers and the spyware manufacturers, lock them in a room, then burn the room down. Then we piss on the ashes.

Fenris (BTW: Derleth, definitly get Ad-Aware: it cleans all that crap out of your system!)

One more vote here for AdAware being Lavasoft’s Gift to Humanity. The last thing I do at night is run this, and usually I have to take off a couple of DoubleClick and AdMonitor thingies, but one night it came up as “13 components found”, and I’m like, “Wha’?” Turned out it was Gator.

And every so often there’s something called Sexlist and Sextracker, which I dunno who they are but it can’t be good. :rolleyes:

So, go get it, Derleth. The freeware version works just dandy.

“I dunno.” Sure. We know where you’ve been hanging out. :wink:
Just ran AA 5.7. 234 components. Many thanks.