I hate grapes

I can’t stand them. They are too sweet, bland, burst like eyeballs in your mouth, and seem like a lazy person’s ingredient in fruit salad - “rinse and mix with Miracle Whip - mmmmmm!” NOT.

You eat eyeballs? Can I call you The Corinthian?

I like green, seedless grapes, but not the purple kind. Thems is narsty.

Sounds like sour grapes, to me.

I love the big Red Globe variety, even though they have seeds.

And bursting eyeballs? What’s wrong with that?


I agree with the OP; the only time I’ve ever really thoroughly enjoyed grapes (apart from consuming such products as wine) would be when I bought them on holiday and they were pretty much fresh off the vine - by the time they have been refrigerated hand shipped halfway around the globe, they are just flaccid little bags of insipid water, more so than most other common fruits, I believe.

This post has been graped by the Grapist!

Oooohhh how I miss The Grapist! :frowning:

I concur.
More for the texture than the taste. Also put:
Freshen-Up Gum
Most Melons
Uncooked Mollusks

I hate grapes. I can’t stand grapes. I loathe grapes - all kinds of grapes. I hate purple grapes, and I hate green grapes. I hate grapes with seeds. I hate grapes without seeds. I hate them peeled, and non-peeled. I hate grapes in bunches, one at a time, or in groups of twos and threes. I f**king hate grapes!

My favorite are the green seedless kind as well.
Grape juice is good too… hmmmhhhmmh

Grapes are no good until you dry them and let them become raisins.

Then they’re cool.

I love grapes. White ones, anyway. I guess I’m a gracist…

Like them almost as much as my dogs do.

Eating grapes, the dogs come up and sit. Throw a couple to the ground and it is GAME ON. Kinda like a small ball! Throw it! nose it around! fight over it! then when one of 'em bites too hard, wave of shock and then the slow realization of …this…tastes…Good! Another grape, daddy! PLEASE?!

I like grapes. And my dogs.


I hate the sugary, tasteless California grapes. I only like the tart, flavorful, yummyyummyumm Concord variety. don’t hate me for growing up in Upstate NY

And on viewing, what Themis said :wink: