I Hate Insects!!

I live in a dorm room, and apparently we have a new infestation of those bastardly little fake lady bug beetle things. I guess they are coming in through the window air conditioning unit. Which is right next to my bed. Which upsets me greatly, considering I am terrified of bugs. Well not ants and flies, those are just annoying.

But don’t these things bite? Cause if I wake up tomorrow covered in bugs there’s going to be a funeral service in a few days.

This sucks.

Nope, ladybugs won’t bite. If you try to pick one up (and I assume you won’t), they will release a bit of slightly smelly yellow liquid on you as a deterrent (the liquid won’t hurt you either). But otherwise nothing else will happen.

They’ll hang around a light source, so unless you sleep with a flashlight you won’t have to worry about waking up covered in them.

But these aren’t ladybugs, they are the beetles that look like them, except they are slightly yellow, not red. Japansese beetles or something?

And right now they are in the light, but I don’t think my roommate will appreciate sleeping with the light on. But shit, I wouldn’t care!

Unfortunately, while I think AFG is right about the biting habits of regular ladybugs, Asian lady beetles DO bite. Not very hard, though - in my experience, they’re mostly annoying because there are so damn many of them. If you have a vacuum cleaner or a dustbuster you can suck them up. It’ll smell kinda bad, but it’s fast.

Yeah, they DO bite! It’s not bad, but you can sure feel it when it happens!

Oh, THOSE things. Sorry for the mix-up.

No, I don’t know jack about those.

Yeah, they bite and swarm and have all the other irritating features of nasty insects. I delight in the cold snap that kills them off every year.

Thanks for the link, elfbabe.

Yeah, it was cold here but the last 2 days have been unseasonably warm and sunny, so now these things are everywhere. My side of the building faces the sun the most. It seems most of this side of the building is having a problem too, but not the other side.

They are driving me crazy. This room is already so small and now we’re sharing it with evil, gross bugs. I am basically phobic.

This added on with all the crappy stuff that’s happened today makes me want to cry.

Get yourself some spiders as roommates. Kill those bug suckers dead, they will. Spiders: Nature’s pefect little insecticide.

Ugh, these thigns would swarm all over my sister’s old room in my parent’s place when I was in high school (she had moved out for college by then.) I remember the curtains around her window would jsut be full of them.

The other day, I saw a coupel in my apartment! :eek: No! I’d better not see any more of the little bastards.

Spiders?!?!?! Then I really would have a heart attack. I’ve already killed 2 daddy longlegs in here earlier this semester.

Damnit I did not find ONE stinking bug in my room last year. Glad they are tearing this piece of crap dorm down in May.

Bite 'em back. They taste like chicken. Little chicken, but chicken.