I hate my cold so much! You're ruining my jobs! (kinda lame)

I caught a cold last weekend, and it has seriously fudged up my sleeping patterns. The cold itself isn’t that severe, nothing to miss work over (can’t afford to right now anyway) but it has seriously been screwing up things for me this week.

Monday morning I completely missed my morning shift for my crossing guard job. I mean I overslept to the point which I would have been back home had I left on time. That was an embassing phone call to my dispatcher. Tuesday, I had a staff meeting at my Tutoring job. I was actually really looking foward to going, because I had recently won a referral contest and was going to get a negotiated bonus next paycheck. At the meeting the Director was going to announce that I won AND that I had gotten promoted last week so all the new people should look up to me because I have my shit together (well, not now…but soon!) but at the time of the meeting last night I was a friggin zombie from fatigue and didn’t even realize the meeting was last night until a coworker called me (woke me up) asking if I could switch days with him next week asked why I wasn’t there.

Added to all this, I was late for my morning shift this morning, even though I went to bed early. Now, I am very serious about being at places on time, and giving explanations in advance about why I can’t make it. So being late, oversleeping, forgetting meetings has been very stressfull for me. I don’t want people to think I’m suddenly a flake. I just got promoted at my tutoring job and I really feel like I’m blowing it by fudging up so much. I really hate this cold, its really messing up everything in my life. If I was off from both jobs, I would be content just to sit and suffer through it, but because it has caused me so much grief, I loathe it with a passion. All the contempt I have is currently directed at my cold. I hope my cold crawls under a rock and dies. I hope my colds demise somehow makes all the wrongs it did right.