I hate my job!

I’ve been doing the same shit for over 5 months, never get trained on anything new, other people who started after me cheat and get shown new things, and now I’m stuck doing this bastard crap job that I hate and I’m really pissed off.:mad:

I hate my job, too. My colleagues are backbiting, my boss is shrewd but ignorant (a nasty combination), and I have no chance of ever actually succeeding. Also, the stress is affecting my health.

Ever wonder why half of all new teachers quit in their first five years?

I’ll try to whip up some sympathy, but I’ve haven’t been paid in 6 months and now have zero chance of getting any money back. Really, “working” last year cost me about 50 grand.

If it cost you that much you must have a well paid job. Mine’s £10,700 a year.

Ahh, that is 25 grand lost salary and 25 grand in debt on cc’s and lost savings to keep my house and buy food and things like that.