Well, I went to the Vans Warpped tour in Lake Tahoe California, its about a mile up there (I live at around 700 feet above sea level) I am a redhead(and didnt use sunscreen . I got the everliving crap burned outta my face and neck.
I spent 6 hours in the thin sunny air. Now I have a blister the size of a dollar bill on my forehead, my nose was covered as was my chin.
so now I cant go to work (I cant sweat or get dirty till its healed)
Oh and my neck isnt red, its Purple. It hurts. BAD.

Help me feel better. Tell me storys of your worst sunburn.

Ever tied halling asleep in the hot sun?
Don’t ty it. I did once and ended up so burnt on my back
that it dried up completely and the skin just cracked and bled.
It was the most unbearable thing, but I did manage to get 3 days off work. (It wasn’t worth it).
I still grimace when I think about it.

Ahh sunburns…

I was traveling in Thailand a few years ago and up to that point I had not had any major sunburns. So when I decided to spend my day at the beach, I pooh-poohed the idea of putting some sunscreen on. Suncreen is for wussies.

I proceded to spend four hours swimming in the crystal clear water, which acted rather like a large magnifying glass. If that wasn’t bad enough, after lunch I spent another two hours in the said water.

Belive it or not, I still didn’t realized that I had a rather nasty burn. The next morning, however, was a different story. I quickly caught up with the previous years of no sunburns. I was totaly incapible of going outside because the heat of the sun through my shirt was agony. I spent the next couple days inside a nice airconditioned room instead, rubbing myself down with various lotions and ice to sooth the pain. I was lucky that I didn’t get lots of blisters as well. Instead of delt with huge amounts of peeling skin, which was irritating to say the least.

Since then I now burn just as easilly as a normal person. Oh well. Some things just aren’t made to last.


Aloe, baby, aloe…some aloe comes in bottles with a bit of lidocaine in it, and that stuff ROCKS.

I’m extraordinarily pale, so I really feel your pain. I once spent 45 minutes sitting on the hood of a car in Pensacola, FL, and turned red.

Two years ago I baked, bad. Went to a parade Saturday morning in shorts. On Wednesday I turned in my office chair at work and caught my knee on the corner of my desk drawer - you guys know what I mean, those drawers that are kinda like filing cabinet drawers, a little one on top and a bit one on the bottom - and took off I swear 4 layers of skin. And was wearing pants at the time :frowning:

When I was about 14 I mowed the lawn wearing shorts and a swimsuit and couldn’t sleep due to the half-dollar size blisters breakig open on my back.

I used to be carrot-top type red haired… its more of a brownish/red now. But I still have very fair skin and burn very very easily. In fact, at that golf tournament last weekend I got burnt really badly… :-S (The worst thing about it is all the people who are like… “Wow, you’re burnt.” “Geez, didn’t you try sunscreen?” smack)

But my worst burn, ever—
I went swimming with a couple of friends, and actually ended up mostly hanging in the pool and talking… so the only real part exposed to the sun was my shoulders… and they got burnt. BOY DID THEY GET BURNT!!!

Both of my shoulders… from arm to arm… were COVERED in Blisters. If you can imagine one big blister expanding the entire width of my back… They were huge and filled with this disgusting yellowish fluid. And they hurt BAD!

I had to cover them up with gauze and stuff or else they’d burst and ooze yellow liquid onto my shirts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never felt such pain from the sun before… But, many bottles of aloe later, I am recovered. (Incidentally, this has happened two times to me now, the second time not nearly as bad, and I was in Hawaii at the time.)

By the way-- I’ve found the BEST sunburn stuff… it is called “Cool Beads”… its aloe vera with little beads that contain (Oh crap, I forgot what are in the beads). But it works really really well, I’ve found. Its made by Coppertone.


I went canoeing went I was about 13. This was back before spf 45 and what we had was not waterproof. I had been wearing short shorts and a tank top. I was in so much pain that night I cried but tears hurt on my face. I was sick and feverish. My aunt decided to drug me. To this day I do not know what she gave me, but I remember nothing until the next afternoon. I am still grateful though normally I think that drugs should be avoided if possible.

I love peeling the skin, but I avoid the sun now.