I hate the word 'Matey'

This word has cropped up over the last few years where I live, and it usually comes out of the mouths of people who I don’t like or who don’t like me, and is uttered in a slightly passive aggressive manner.
Just thought I’d share that, anyone else noticed it?

If I recall correctly, you’re in the UK? If so, then no, I haven’t heard that anywhere outside a pirate movie.

ETA: Well, no, either way, I guess. Sorry. my brain is defective today.

Sorry yeah, this tends to be a localised UK phenomenon.

I hate it too. I’ve never heard it spoken, only ever written, but I cringe every time I read it.

It’s rare I would hear it, but I interpret it as similar to “amigo.”

amigo is more kind to the ears though.

Heard and used it since at least the late '80s. Well, I tend to say mateybollocks more than just matey.

Think the earliest telly show I heard it used would be Bottom from the early to mid '90s. Sometimes as a simple “Okay, matey”, other times as something more convoluted like - and I quote - “Rightey dokey matey bloke flap old salty seadog amigo skip-jack jockstrap piano tuner, let’s see you balls this one up!”