I hate TV

I feel that TV is pandering to the lowest common denominator. No distinct examples come to mind, except for the commercials and commentators played during football games. Does anybody feel the same way?

I have never heard of such an opinion in my life.

Plus, I think the sky is blue and crime is bad.

People who watch football games and the commercials shouldn’t be complaining about TV pandering to the lowest common denominator.

While you were watching a bunch of grown men running around a field playing with a ball, and acting as if it were important or something, I was watching the Sundance Channel’s marathon of Anatomy of a Scene, which was far more interesting and enlightening. While it isn’t any more important than football, it was a lot more entertaining.

Ok, so I’ll admit to Tivo’ing the super bowl, but only so I could fast-forward to see The Matrix preview.

but all i have are rabbit ears

See a doctor.

A1C Joe what part of Utah? I miss it there :frowning:

I thought organized team sports was the LCD