I have $20 for android apps, what should I get?

Hi, I have $20 of credit to buy some android apps, what do you recommend?

For games I would suggest all of the Angry Birds games plus i really enjoy Jetpack Joyride.

It’s free but for a browser I would recommend Dolphin Browser. It isn’t perfect but much better than the stock browser.

First off: if there’s an app you’re interested in, see if it has a limited version available free (many do) before you commit money to it.

If you like jiggering around with and customizing the phone’s behavior, Tasker is a pretty nifty tool. If your phone is rooted and you want to really go wild with Tasker, something called Secure Settings (I think) will allow you to automate things you normally can’t, like turning GPS on and off.

I wouldn’t get all the Angry Birds games, one or perhaps two should be plenty.

I use Widget Locker to customize my unlock screen. It lets me put a number of widgets that can do stuff (e.g. clocking into / out of my sleep-logging app) without actually unlocking the phone.

I enjoy the WeatherBug app - pretty sure it’s not free; I got it as a free app of the day from Amazon.

Sleep Bot (free, so not necessarily relevant to this thread) is great - has a built-in alarm clock, and when you’re in sleep mode you can set it to go into airplane mode / silent automatically so you’re not awakened at 2 AM by drunken texts. That gets reset when the alarm goes off.

A paid password vault program would be useful. I have 1Password which is free and readonly for Android (have to enter the passwords on my desktop copy or my iPod) so I don’t recommend it, but MSecure and KeePass are others that I’ve heard good things about.

A car maintenance app - I use Fuel Log. Lets me log fuel and other maintenance. I forget what extra features I got by paying for it; there’s a limited free version of it (as many apps have).

A new game called Cogs - try the free version first. It’s a puzzle game where you’re sliding tiles like those old square plastic number puzzles - 4x4 square with one missing, that sort of thing, but with beautiful graphics and 3D features, and you’re lining up cogs and steam pipes.

If you’re using Dropbox, there’s an add-on called DropSync that lets you sync files from other folders on the phone, not just the Dropbox folders. I use that for backing up several other tools (including Fuel Log).

I have a grocery shopping app called ToMarket. It doesn’t have things like cloud synching like some of the better-known ones, but what it DOES do is let you track aisles (and prices) for the same item in multiple stores. It’s a feature I used to love in HandyShopper on the Palm Pilot and in fact the developer wrote it specifically to mimic that functionality. I’ve built a fairly extensive grocery list (600+ entries) and I can select the things I need, then shop at whichever of several stores is most convenient, and sort it in that location’s aisle order.