I have a 1 in 1164 chance of going to the WS of Poker!

Poker tourney starts in 30 minutes. If anyone has any spare luck, send it my way. Just the winner gets the 10 K buy-in to the world series of poker in Las Vegas, but there’s also some cash to be won.
::crosses fingers:: :cool:

Good luck…A full day of pocket rockets and flush draws to you!

May your opponents pick up KK … when you pick up AA!

Crap. My set of 3’s were rivered by a gutshot straight. Right on the bubble almost, 135th place won 5 bucks.

I was 153rd for Zero dollars.
Oh well. Cost me nothing but some player points.

Thanks for the advice.

Anyone play at poker stars?

How do you get in these tourneys for free? How many player points do you need? What are player points?

I play at Poker Stars as “dr jaxun” - play money only, though. I did recently finish 83rd in a 10,000 player tourney. The top 27 get an entry into a second tourney with a $1,000 prize pool. I made the correct play, odds wise, but got outdrawn on the river. I should have been playing more conservatively at that point and just outlasted 50 more players. Oh, well.

Pretty cool. When I was in the hospital in '05 I watched the series pretty heavily to pass the time.

Sending lucky thoughts your way. :slight_smile:

Just one comment for the OP. Your title says “I have a 1 in 1164 chance of going to the WS of Poker!”

if you’ve conflated the likelihood of you winning the contest with the number (1 / number of entrants in the contest), I suggest you need to learn a bunch more about probabliity (& poker) before you mix it up with the big boys.

Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to save you some money.

did I mention “no”?

It is much more profitable long term to be more aggressive on the bubble. Finishing in the first two pay levels in MTTs 50% of the time is not nearly as good as finishing on the final table 5% of the time. A win is typically worth 60-70 or even over 100x the initial buy in, the first payout level is only 1.4 buy ins. In a tourney like this, where you paid nothing to get in anyway, play only to win (really, is it worth your time to sit there for 3 or 4 hours and make $5?). The only prize worth it here is the first one (and maybe the runner up), so play to win it from the first hand. 90% of the other players will play like you talked about above, so by being very aggressive and pushing them around, you can take tons of pots away, AND when you get pushed back at, you can be almost sure they have a legitimate hand.

I’ve freerolled to the WSOP main even the last two years, both times was in a one-shot, winner take all tourney, and you have to play with a differenet mindset from the first hand. In ALL MTTs though, you should be getting more aggressive on the bubble (especially with anyone you have more chips than).

You played it right, if you had doubled up here, you probably had a big enough stack to make a deep run, so don’t doubt your aggression. I took a horrible beat at the end of day 3 this year at the WSOP, and I’ll pass along two things I was told by two different people to help me work past the frustration:

1)Sometimes, you can make the right decision, and the right move, at every point in the hand, and still lose.

2)You can’t beat a bad player who makes a horrible decision and gets lucky.

What is this “online poker” of which you speak? We know nothing of it in the United States, for we have Mighty Warriors of Virtue who protect us from losing five or ten bucks at the online poker table by ignoring our nation’s international treaty obligations and illegally attempting to extend out banking laws across international boundaries.