I have a box of chocolates

There are 30 pieces in the box. In regard to weight gain, is it better to eat them quickly, over a day or two, or drag it out at the rate of one or two a day?
BTW, they are too good to simply not eat them.

Slower has to be better.

Yes, the slower the better. Take it to an extreme: If you eat just one a day, your system would barely notice it. To the other extreme, if you eat them all at once . . . well, I hope you’re not diabetic.

If you eat them all at once, how likely is it that you’ll be able to cut back over the next month to make up for all the extra calories you consumed on the first day? It’s probably easier to maintain the discipline of eating one piece of chocolate a day than it would be to go on a diet for a month.

You might also find that you enjoy them more if you eat them slowly. The palate can get jaded, and you might have digestive problems if you eat all that chocolate at once.

Do you think it would take a month? I was thinking about a week. Anyway, my wife thinks I’ll put on weight no matter how I eat them. I’m leaning to eat them over two days then go on a strict diet till I get back to normal.

… which means you have no girl to give it to, right?

Let’s say that this box of chocolates is like your life. You never know what you are going to get. Well that’s not entirely true - what you get will be a chocolate.

So the question is, in a box of chocolates = your life world, do you want to slowly savor your life or swiftly zoom through it in a diabetic haze.

Tricky decision, eh?

The trick is to go on a strict diet NOW, except eat them. Pay as you go, not after.

I can’t imagine that one box of chocolates will have any significant impact on your weight.

Let’s assume that all 30 chocolates are truffles. From a quick search it appears they will be around 50 calories each. So the whole box is only going to be around 1,500 calories (you can probably see exactly how many calories from the nutrition info on the label).

Eating an extra 1,500 calories as a one-off event is not going to have much of an impact on your weight. (Not that I am suggesting you eat 30 chocolates all in one day!).

Based on the widely held formula that it takes 3,500 excess calories to gain a pound of body fat, you’re talking maybe seven ounces of fat from the whole box, assuming that you ate as much as you normally do, and then the chocolates on top of that.
Eating occasional treats, like a box of chocolates, is really not going to cause you to pile on weight. What causes weight gain is REGULARLY eating more calories than you burn. In other words, consuming an extra 1,500 calories over the course of a few days? Fine, as long as you normally eat a sensible diet. Eating 150 calories more than you burn, every day for a year? You’ll have problems.

I think that you should eat one a day. In fact, you should institute the ceremonial eating-the-chocolate ritual, and video it. Probably get - ohh - a hundred hits on YT.

And then you have an excuse to continue the ritual with a new box.

One box of chocolate = one daily serving of chocolate. So what’s the problem?

Two boxes would be considered gluttony.

It’s the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand.

If you were to eat them all at once, how likely is it that your gut would be able to extract *all *of the available nutrients, including sugar and fat, before the remains of the candy left your body? I know if I ate a lot of candy quickly, I’d experience increased gut motility, reducing the amount of time my gut had to break down the candy and absorb any nutrients.

If you ate one piece a day, your gut would probably continue to run just fine, extracting all available nutrients, and therefore all available calories, from each piece of candy.

If you removed other food from your diet to compensate for the candy, there would be no weight gain. If you ADD the candy to your diet without compensating otherwise I don’t think the difference between all at once vs. one a day matters much in the long run.