I Have A Confession

This had been making me feel guilty but since I started posting it’s been getting worse.

Go back to the days of '99, A very bored and young TFR is surfing the recently installed intranets at his house. He remembers seeing something about his favorite newspaper column having its own website. (guess where I’m going with this) A few keystrokes later, He is gazing upon the pinnacle of knowledge, a few minutes after that, he steps through the mysterious door into the smoke and enters the (pause for dramatic effect) SDMB!!!

I was hooked reading those early posts and wanted to get in on the action, so I set up an account. I even have vague memories of signing up to be a mod. I didn’t know what a mod was at the time, but I did recently see Quadrophenia for the first time and liked what I saw. :wink:

So anyways, I am a dirty dirty alt, for the username from 10 years ago that I can’t remember and probably never posted with. You may do your worse, but go easy with the goats, I am allergic.

I hope very much I am forgiven for my sins, and not banned or any thing like that.

Seriously, did I just screw myself?

Meh, I’ve done worse.

Um…hold this for a minute, I’ll be right back.

I’ve moved this over to “About This Message Board,” where it belongs.

Although the creation of “sock puppets” is not allowed, I think you’re okay in this case. Ten years is a long time, and it doesn’t look like you’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Thanks for confessing, and welcome back!

Was it the AOL site or this one?

I’m fairly certain that it was this site. I have no memory of the AOL site but like I said it was a long time ago.

If you happen to remember the name or email address you used, we’ll combine the accounts. If not, life goes on. Thanks for being upfront about it and welcome back.

Confucius once said, ‘He who unravels the sock is blinded by the wool’.

Don’t ask for a cite.

Right on, I will keep that in mind if anything else comes back to me.

Burn him!!!

I think that was Sock-rates.


I’ve checked up on this and discovered you are correct.

In Greek theatre, actors in tragic roles wore a boot called a buskin that elevated them above the other actors, whereas those playing comedy parts wore a thin soled shoe called a sock.

Sockrates’ comment is a clear reference to a comedian ‘unraveling’ or ‘dying’ on stage, hence ‘he who unravels the sock is blinded by the wool’ is the equivalent of ‘put a sock in it’, a kind of Ancient Greek catcall from the audience telling the comedian to shut the fuck up.

:smiley: Too funny!

ETA: Nevermind, I just realized the OP just signed up a second account recently, not two names ten years ago. Yeah, burn him.

Can’t we just give him some “Our Cecils” and tell him to go his way, sin no more, etc.?

Then how will we wear his skin?

So you cleverly waited 10 years so as not to attract undue attention to your sock? And now that you think the jig might be up you confess to save yourself?

Ban him.

Yes, but the violation occurred recently. His original account with no rules violation was created ten years ago, and the sock is a recent one. Ban him, hang him in effigy and then posthumously ban him again.

Hanging someone if effigy isn’t actually fatal. I think you were suggesting we actually hang him – and perhaps behead him afterwards, drive a stake through his heart, and then burn the body (with a clove of garlic in the mouth, of course).

Personally, I’d settle for telling him, “bad Reverend, no cookie, but when come back, bring pie.”