I have a great idea for a website... now what?

It’s true… I feel like Kramer but dammit I’ve got a GREAT idea for a website but I have no idea how to go about making it happen. I’m not a complete idiot around computers but building a website is no easy task, not to mention the advertising. And I fully expect to get rich off this wonderful idea, too. (That’s about 95% joke, 5% sincerity)

So, how do I enlist the help of someone but still be guaranteed they won’t run off with my idea?

A trained monkey can build a website.

Get a book or two on HTML.

www.w3schools.com also has some tutorials if you want to go the total cheap route, or at least get a feel before buying a book.

Depends on how much you want to pay for what type of website.
Stuff like one-click-shopping you can buy in packages and essentially plug it in.
HTML is pretty easy, you could learn yourself.
JavaScript is also pretty easy.
Who cares about JAVA.
It also kind of depends on what your site will be driven by.
If it’s static HTML, easy.
If it’s from a database, it a bit trickier and then you get into ASP or PHP, etc.
It’s a bit hard to say what is will cost because you don’t give enough information (understandably) to give us a clue.
If you employ a web designer / constructor, you will probably employ under contract and they ‘shouldn’t’ be able to run off with your idea, but of course as soon as it’s published on the web, every man and his dog who think it’s a cool idea will duplicate it.

What do you mean by ‘great idea for a website’?

Do you mean ‘put my summer vacation pix and whack-a-mole all to some streaming German techno’ kind of thing? in other words, a site of interest to particular type of people.

Or do you mean a GREAT IDEA website, one that will revolutionize the world through the ability to custom-build your new pet dog? in other words, the website is secondary (even though it may be the central component) to the business itself.

If you think it’s a GREAT IDEA then, don’t laugh, you may want to look into getting a patent first.

rexnervous is correct, speaking as a web developer/designer i’ve lost count of the amount of times someone has said to me “i’ve got a great idea…” and it turns out to be something too subjective and personal, or has just been done before and they didn’t know about it.

But if you genuinely have a good idea that hasn’t been done already, then go for it and take it forward. :slight_smile:

And with all respect to some of the previous posters:

ARGH POST GOT CUT OFF! :slight_smile:

what i was going to say is that web design is more than buying a book on html or Frontpage. Things like web-usability, standards, a knowledge of browser quirks and a whole wealth of other factors come into play the moment you want to build anything other than just your homepage (where lets face it, the only visitors are only going to be your friends and your mum)

Too many people assume that web-design is easy, and in a way it is - anyone can do it badly but doing it well is bloody hard :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses, everyone (and to LolaCocaCola, apparently a trained monkey can do lots of things, such as type a sentence and post it to a message board too).

I probably wasn’t clear enough in my first post. I do know HTML… I have worked very briefly on websites before. But garius is right, building a successful website is much more than just reading a book.

As for the idea itself, it definitely is not a personal matter. I’m much too smart and self-effacing to believe that a website idea for my own personal pictures and prospects would get more than the typical “friends and family” hits.

No, this would be an information website, for people to use (for free) such as MapQuest or IMDB (although neither one is similar to my idea). But you get the point… it would be something that people could use, not just an excuse for me to take up bandwidth.

Anyway, thanks again to all…

I agree with **garius]/b]
Design is really, really hard.
Construction (depending on what sort of cross-browser capability you need) can be easy and hard.

The best thing to do would be to hire me for design and hosting. I don’t steal ideas. :slight_smile:

No wait! higher me! please! I sing and dance while i work and everything!

And i’m great on the swivel chair…


actually don’t hire me - since i couldn’t even spell “hire”…