I have a lot of tomatoes. Anyone have a good ketchup recipe?

A good, easy, simple ketchup recipe, I mean.

My kids and my tomtato plants have quite a few tomatoes coming in, mostly turning red now. My kids, who have been thrilled to garden this summer, don’t much like tomatoes on hamburgers and sandwhiches. However, they like ketchup.

I told them we could turn the remaining tomatoes into ketchup. Anyone have a really basic recipe for making ketchup that we could do?

I never made ketchup, but cooks.com has many recipies.


This is close to the relish recipe I used to make lots of. Especially delish as a topping to crackers spread with cream cheese.


I have used the NY times recipe. Link: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12578-tomato-ketchup

Full disclosure, it isn’t Heinz so if your kids are picky it may disappoint. Mine are open to foods and liked it just fine but they helped make it. I had a playgroup over and most of the other kids definitely noticed the difference and wanted the usual stuff.

My favorite video for making ketchup.

Part of it is Food Wishes is one of my favorite YouTube channels. But in this case, I like that Chef John shows people how to make ketchup at home - while telling people there’s no good reason to do so. He says the store bought stuff is as good as the homemade.

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This is the recipe i use and it is wonderful.

http://www.preserving-australia.com.au/tomato_sauce.php (I don’t bother with the mouli bit).

We make a truckload of tomato sauce (what we Aussie call ketchup) each year and then use it for the normal ketchup stuff and so much more.

I use it as the basis for soups. I take leftovers and add the sauce, cover with puff pastry and make pies. I use it as a pizza base sauce and so on. Make a LOT more than you think you will use because it is so much better than the store bought stuff.

Let me introduce my 2 cents. Here around (Central Europe) tomatoes also went wild this year. Grapes are summer snacks, ordinary fist sized tomatoes go for winter standard sauce, and pelati go straight to the season pizza.

There is bakery down the street that sells dough by the trey for 1,5 eur. Mash pelati, and there is sure some cheese in the house. Voila 3-4 person margarita pizza (closer to Chicago style). And you can add some salami, ham or prosciutto, that are taking place in your fridge. Or some freshly picked shrooms. Seasonal pizza.

I’m consciously bumping this thread to remind everyone of the existence of lynne-42’s amazing ketchup recipe. I’ve made it regularly over the years, right at this point: the intersection between the last tomatoes, the first apples and the first onions. It’s easy and amazingly delicious. I peeled the tomatoes and apples this year, then blitzed with the stick, and see no need to sieve. I store it in plastic squeeze bottles in the freezer.

Thanks, Lynne!

I like a touch of brown sugar and cloves in mine. If you have ever had Stonewall Kitchen’s Country Ketchup (which I am as addicted to as any meth huffer to meth) - that is my ideal ‘ketchup’ I try for every year, using any allrecipes.com or cooks.com recipes. It comes out a little different every time, and is not exactly like the stuff in a bottle, but it’s really good.

I made 30+ jars of picante sauce, tomato sauce, and relish. Next year I am trying the ketchup recipe. Thanks for the bump.:slight_smile:

salinqmind, Lynne’s recipe above has lots of cloves, also allspice, cayenne (I only put a pinch) and black pepper. I use white sugar, but I see no reason you couldn’t try it with brown if you like that molasses-y touch.

Beck, I’ll try to remember when I make next summer’s batch to bump again!

Just saw this, sorry about the delay. I withdrew from life to meet a publisher deadline on my next book.

I am delighted that the recipe proved so successful, araminty. We use it for so much, so grow as many tomatoes as we can process. We’ll be planting for the summer in a few weeks. I love spring (Australia time).