I have a lump in my chest and I'm not too worried (fingers crossed)

It feels like it’s located near/at the former/renewed joint between my xiphoid process and the main part of my sternum (down at the bottom of my breast bone for you new to busting ribs). It’s roughly 32mm x 6mm, oriented horizontally. There’s no pain when I press on it but it doesn’t slide around, suggesting it is attached to the bone, like the other lumps on my ribs.

My medical history includes breaking ribs on multiple occasions, most recently a year ago when I totaled my car in a headon. Of course I wasn’t wearing a belt (mea maxima culpa), which is a favorite way to break ones xiphoid process. The radiologist appears to have been more interested in my five broken ribs than anything they were attached to.

I will mention it to my PCP when my insurance starts (soonly) and will think healthy thoughts until then.

I’m thinking scarred regrowth. From your words, I see they are words but I don’t understand them. Pretend your nipple is the center of the clock, what hour would your lump be on?

I was thinking the same thing as Beck, and hope we’re right.

It’s very common for a (usually) woman to find a lump in her breast, and it turns out to be a rib. They’re always really embarrassed, and the doctor says, “You did the right thing coming in here.”

It sounds like a growth on the bone. Other than that, ask a doc. You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Going from my left nipple, because I only break my left ribs, move to the dead center of my chest then down 3.5 inches/89mm. Where the cyan meets the purple: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sternum#/media/File%3ASternum_composition.png

Ok , got it. I still think it’s scarring where your ribs have healed. Of, course IANAD, but I know my bumps. Ask your doc to poke it around. I think you’ll live. :slight_smile: