I have a movie that I want to put on a CD, but it's one megabyte too long.

Is there any way to edit .avi movie so that it will fit onto a 700MB cd? I have Microsoft Movie Maker on my computer and have tried to use it, but I still don’t think I’m doing it right. I would really appreciate the help.

Just burn it, one meg overburn should be fine. I have overburned up to 30 megs before. Just say “yes” when it tells you it needs to overburn and finalise the disk.

Alternatively, you could use VirtualDub to cut off a couple seconds of the movie.

Also, you could re-encode and bring the bit rates down a little bit. Assuming you can re-encode, of course.

You are probably trying to make a VCD. VCDs fit onto standard CD-Rs even though the size appears too large. They use a different encoding scheme than CD-Audios so there really is room. To read more about VCDs, see this section of the CD-R faq.