I have a question about chicks

A mother duck sits on fertilized chicken eggs, hatches them and starts raising them as her own. When she leads them to a pond to teach them to swim, do the chicks follow her in?


Well chickens don’t take to water, so mother duck nudges them into the water and they drown. As far as she is concerned, she just raised a brood of retarded ducks! And goes back and starts again!

I don’t know what would happen if the clutch hatched, but it would take a bit of doing to make that happen.

Ducks usually eject eggs that aren’t right. There are a couple of types of ducks that sometimes lay their eggs in other ducks’ nests, like cuckoos. Usually they’re rejected and fail to hatch, especially if the nest is that of a different species of duck.

It seems doubtful that they would accept such significantly different eggs.

When I was a kid, my mum used to get chickens to set on duck eggs from time to time, because the ducks we had never seemed to have much success with it themselves. That worked well enough, and the ducklings were reintroduced to the pond area and accepted.