I have a question [thread placement and forum purposes]

I have read the instructions for your thread types.
Requarding my liberals thread that was moved.
I thought the great debates was for political discussions.

I am now thinking great debates is for political issues worthy of debating as long as your not attacking a political entity/politician.

If the political issue is attacking an entity/political party/group. Does that mean it needs to go in Bar-B-Q Pit?

Another Question is the line about test threads- for this section.

Does that mean a thread you are unsure of where to place it means it should go here in about this message board.

or Is it better to use the PIT as a grab bag place for your new threads- unless you are sure where to place it elsewhere.


Can you post a link to your thread that was moved?

Generally speaking, any thread that’s likely to involve hostility on anyone’s part (particularly the OP’s part) should probably go in the pit.

Test threads are for testing out board functions like spoiler boxes.

It’s this one:

Stupid Things Liberals Have Said.

Also, reported to have the thread title made more specific.

Great debates is for debates. Your thread was just for insulting liberals. There wasn’t any debate there. If you just want to insult something, the Pit is the best place for that.

Link to the thread in question:

The BBQ Pit is a bit of a rough forum. While you are certainly free to post wherever you want here, I personally recommend that you get to know the culture here before venturing too much into the BBQ Pit.

About This Message Board is for questions about the board. You can make test threads and test posts here, but it’s not a place to put threads that you just don’t know where to put them. If you don’t know where to post a thread, just take your best guess. Worst case, we’ll just end up moving it for you. No biggie. The forum descriptions should give you a basic idea of what each forum is about. As with any message board or web site, it’s a good idea to read a lot of posts and try to get a feel for the board’s culture. That will help you figure out where we generally put things.

For political issues, which forum it belongs in depends on exactly what you want to talk about. If you have a factual question about a particular issue, General Questions would be the correct forum. If you want to poll for SDMB user’s opinions on an issue, In My Humble Opinion would be the correct forum. If you want to debate an issue, Great Debates is the forum you want, unless it’s an election issue, in which case Elections would be a better forum. If you want to bitch about an issue, that’s what the BBQ Pit is for.


Please use descriptive thread titles. I have edited the title to make the thread topic a bit more clear.


Ahhh … Moderator Miller closed that thread before I cold say nasty things about Democrats … saying I had to post in the SJW thread instead … since when is SJW strictly a liberal position?

What is SJW?

I don’t often look at the pit, but I looked and couldn’t find anything.

Social Justice Warrior.

Actually, what he said was:

“Are liberals stupid?” is a Great Debate thread. “Here’s examples of liberals being stupid” is a BBQ Pit thread.

You’d have to be very deft at crafting an OP for the first example in order for it not to turn into a Pit thread. If you were really good, you could make it fly in GQ. :slight_smile: