I have an audition for a commercial today - wish me luck!

I decided that being a freelance writer is just too stable and predictable a career, so I’ve been trying to break into acting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my photographer niece take some headshots for me, put together a talent resume that wasn’t TOO stuffed with outrageous lies (everything on it is true, but a lot of it is kind of old), and started trying to get gigs. I signed on to work as a movie extra and had a couple of (unpaid) shoots for the film last month, just for the experience.

And today, the next step: I have an audition for a paid gig to be in a commercial! Wish me luck, everyone!

Best of luck to you, man, and be sure to tell us what products you’re going to be endorsing when the ad goes up.

Too cool! Break a leg!

That’s awesome! Good luck. :cool:

Don’t forget all the small people you had to step on to get to the A-list. Remember me moreso than the others though ok?

How could he forget you? The swelling didn’t go down for weeks.:smiley:


The good news is, I got the part!

The bad news is, there was an equipment malfunction and I have to go back on Monday.

The good news is, they’re paying me an extra fifty bucks!

And more good news: The agency said I have a great voice and they’re always looking for people to do voiceover work!

Isn’t it obvious, man? Chef Troy-ardee!


Thank you, I’ll be here all week! Tip the veal, try your waitress!

That’s even more awesome! You’re going places kid.

It’s a TV commercial for one of those “send us your unwanted gold, we’ll send you cash” outfits (not cash4gold dot com, it’s some other one).

So yeah, not exactly going to be up for any awards, but steel engravings of dead presidents beat statuettes any day as far as I’m concerned.

Way to go, Chef! Congratulations on getting it. That was a brave thing to do.

Chef Troy, years hence, in your Oscar acceptance speech, we expect you to thank Every. Single. Doper. By name. From memory.

Seriously, congrats! I think it would be sweet to have steady work in voice-overs. No fuss, no muss. Got a pimple so huge that it looks like you’re growing a second nose? Who cares? Went crazy and shaved your head after you were cast? So what.

Good luck in the future! May your golden larynx bring you great rewards!

Even Carol Stream?

Anyway, I already promised to devote my first Oscar acceptance speech to my long-suffering wife, who has worked at Neiman Marcus ever since we were married more than eighteen years ago, providing a stable base (not to mention health insurance) from which to support my mad whims. They’re going to have to have the orchestra play me off before I get done thanking HER, I can tell you.

Dude, your wife wins.

I know, because I’ve supported someone for 31 years who has been chronically unemployed with 2.5 degrees in theater (BFA, MA, and nine years resulting in ABD for a Ph.D.) I have a BFA and MA in theater myself, and I am the sole source of income, so I know it is possible to find lucrative work with those degrees.

But I’m not bitter. :rolleyes:

Kudos to your wife for supporting your mad whims! Kudos to you for having mad whims that are actually lucrative!

Congratulations! Have fun with it!