I have an open letter to Katie Couric and all the other talking heads

Shame on you! What kind of legacy are you leaving your children and grandchildren? You know what’s going on. You’re not that stupid. Still, you’re lying to yourself, you’re pushing the truth away, and for what?? For money? Because you’ll get fired if you wise up and start talking? How much money is enough? How much money is worth your kids growing up and reading about this time in history and your name being right there with all the other media talking heads who parroted the destructive party line while our rights were being trampled and kids were dying for nothing, for a lie! How much money, huh? I hope you choke on that money.

The truth will win out. The truth always does. The truth will not be hidden from historians and future generations. The truth will not be kind to you.

Woodward and Bernstein are heroes in the journalism profession. None of you are worthy of licking their boots.

What a shameful bunch you are.

(That felt good)

Rights being trampled? :smiley: My dear sweet naive Equipoise. If you want some responses, the trampling of rights is not the way to go. You must call Bush a poopy-head, make fun of how he talks, or crack a joke about how dumb he is for the weebles to rise up and take note.

I don’t think they really care about their legacy

If I may ask, what brought up this rant? I assume that it’s about the media being nothing more than right-wing spin doctors, but I don’t want to presume.

In any case, history textbooks are written by the same colossal media conglomerates that put drivel like Kate Couric on TV. So in 30 years, they may give a favorable impression of the media in putting forth fair and balanced reporting, but you probably won’t see much about Bush’s stealing of the 2000 election in Florida.

And the mutability of the past is not a new thing. Comparisons to 1984 aside, many high school American history textbooks do not mention things they aren’t proud of – eugenics, for example.

Anyway, something to think about.

I’d be happy just to get her perky little overaged-cheerleader face off of Red Sox TV broadcasts. Yes, we know you’re banging the team owner. We don’t care about either of you. Just let us watch the game, willya?

In the case of dear Katie, I think you are giving her way too much credit. She is that stupid. A talking head who can barely read her teleprompter, and who never gives any indication of actually understanding what she is reading, cannot be considered anywhere near the sharpest marble in the bag.

I keep CNN on just for the hot babes. I turn the sound down and listen to the blues or something.

CNN has the best looking hotties on TV, unless you count the Spanish-language channels, then its only fifth! :smiley:

While i think that much of your rant is spot on, i’d just like to note that you must not have read much of Bob Woodward’s stuff lately.

His most recent book on Bush is a pretty sordid little toadying affair, offering some mild criticism while giving Bush a pass on some of his more egregious problems.

Katie Couric?