I have an unusual job, do you?

I recently began a summer job at a llama farm. No, seriously.

In the past few days alone I’ve helped herd, train, feed, and otherwise assist the care and feeding of a bunch of llamas and a few alpacas. This has included wound care and breeding.

I never knew just how useful a cowboy hat was until now.

Surely I’m going to turn into a poster child for my college’s admissions office any day…

So what about the rest of you Dopers? Any of you have a job that makes people say “Wait, you do what?”

(I will also answer questions about llamas if you like. Yes, they spit.)

Yup, in my experience, my job is very unusual. I do ecological field work and species inventories for the National Park Service.

Is this your favourite song ever?

For the last two months - and for two-three more weeks - I’ve worked in a copy place. I know, doesn’t sound weird, especially compared to a llama farm. But it’s far weirder than I’d ever expected. For some reason people with mental disorders are attracted to copy shops.

This year I started selling off my pornographic domain names to become a professional poker player.

So far between selling off domains and winning tournaments, I’m up over 100k.
I guess that’s sort of unusual by most people’s standards.

No, I am an English teacher. Not worth mentioning at all.

In about 2 weeks, I’ll be working from Rankin Inlet Nunavut as a aviation operations manager for a small company.

My schedule will have me spending slightly more time there than at home.

Winters are pretty freaking brutal. Temperatures will be in the -40C range for about 7 months in a row. Frequent blizzards preventing aviation ops. No road or rail out. Milk about $15 per gallon. North of the tree line. Polar Bears.

Pretty unusual.

But the money’s good :slight_smile:

But there’ll be sled dogs! How could that be a bad thing? :smiley:

Yes, there will be sled dogs (not cute or cuddly, like you might think) but they don’t spit. It’s all good.

yeah, but in Saudi… cute, Paul :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m a puzzle editor.

I’ve discovered that people have one of two reactions: “That is so. cool.” or, “That must be very … interesting.”

Before I left the states, I was putting in 25 hours or more a month taking care of Dolphins at the aquarium…

I really miss those dolphins :frowning:

Oh, I know sled dogs aren’t household pets - They’re working animals. And that’s still a good thing.

I get paid to travel the ENTIRE state of Montana. Name a town in Montana and I’ve been there. I can tell you hotels, fishing access sites, hikes, restaurants, bars, etc.

I never get lost because I’ve been there before. How many people can say that about a geography of 150,000 square miles?


Damn the hamsters! They ate my post. Hopefully this won’t get posted twice.

I just got spit on by a llama about an hour ago! The lady I work for has a bunch as pets, and one was standing by the fence looking cute. Stupid me has to try and pet everything and I promptly got spit on. At least it was just on my hand.

My weird job was working at a cattle auction. It may not sound too weird to other people but I had never been around cows in my life. I grew up in a fairly small town but not many people around here farm. I had a blast working there! Unfortunately I had to quit because of my school schedule.

My last job involved trapping feral cats for TNR. Trapping racoons and possums is not all that interesting, but releasing them can be fun!

I make soap. No, I don’t work for a company that makes soap, I am the company. We (wife and I) make and sell bar soap, liquid soap, lotions, scrubs, and stuff like that and sell them from a little storefront in our hometown. It pays for itself, but we pay our bills by selling real estate, (mostly her) and contract programming (me).

I run an adult site, too. It’s not really a porn site, but it’s … really adult. The main deal is written erotica, which is different from the hard core stuff in the eyes of people who care about that sort of thing. I don’t, but I live in this idiot world I live in. I make most of my money from contract writing and website building, but the adult site is where I plan to eventually make most of my money.

The site’s in my user profile if anyone’s interested. Particularly if Eleusis has any hints about making the site more profitable. I know of a group or two of adult website owners, etc., but after reading their forums I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them.

So, andygirl, how is it cowboy hats are so very useful?

Like word puzzles in the paper or jigsaw?