I have been accepted into the University of Oklahoma!!!

I just got the letter, I have officially been accepted into the University of Oklahoma! Yay! I am so excited!!! I’ll be transferring my associate’s in history, so I won’t have to live on campus :cool: I am now an official Boomer Sooner!!

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Congrats! I have a cousin at Oklahoma. You’ll enjoy it.

My dad went there! Evidently their policy of accepting only the coolest folks is still in effect. Congrats, good luck and have fun!

And he was a history major too, eeeeerie. Early British stuff, good for twisted bedtime stories.

Congrats! I graduated from OU in ’98 with a minor in History. If you get a chance to take a class taught by Professor Crockett (that is, if he hasn’t retired)—Take it! He was honestly one of the most interesting teachers I ever had in my entire educational career, and he’s got some pretty funny jokes, too. You’ll learn a lot.

And there’s one History professor you should avoid like the plague…but of course now I can’t remember his name. I had him for a class on the history of the American West. He prides himself of flunking at least half of his class every semester. If I can remember his name I’ll come back and post it…

Are UOK?

Welcome to Oklahoma :smiley: