I have been Clean & Sober for 90 days!

Actually 92 days today, I had 90 on Wednesday, but this is the first time I’ve had to sit in front of a computer since then. I had a few false starts, it took me about a month of slips & restarts before I could finally get the hang of not drinking, (or smoking, or snorting for that matter) but I did it.

I’m not one for too much bragging, but I must say “huzzah for me!”

Now my A.A. sponser wants me to qualify at a meeting on Tuesday! :eek:

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. It’s gotta be hard to kick that habit.

Huzzah!! for you, indeed. I’d imagine that the qualification will go just fine.


Great job! That is such a big and scary step to take and you’re at 90 days!

Keep up the good work. I can only imagine how hard it must be.


Way to go, dude!

You tha man, Art! Good work!

Congrats!! I found smoking hard enough to quit but you are going for the vice trifecta.

Good Luck, you will be better without them in your life.


Huzzah indeed!! Congratulations!




[sub]Shameless plug for the SDMB 12-Steppers group here.[/sub]



:slight_smile: Excellent! Congrats.

Are you off alcohol totally or are you drinking sensibly now and then?

attaboy, Art!

I am off the sauce entirely. I am one of those extremists persons – I either have to have it all, or none of it.

I signed up for the sdmb 12-stepper club. I didn’t know one existed.

And thanks one & all for the good wishes! :slight_smile:

Congrats! The first 90 days are the hardest.

Fantastic, Art! I believe you “came out” to the board as an alcoholic about a week before I did. (Though I was sober for almost three years before going on a three-year slip.) I’ve been happily sober for the second time around since November 4, 2002. :slight_smile:

Many, many more happy 24s. Welcome to the SDMB 12-Steppers group… and welcome back to life.


Good going! And don’t worry about the meeting; just remember you’re talking to a bunch of drunks just like yourself.

I thought it was drinking, smoking, and gambling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Mr. Vandelay, keep it up.

Congrats, Art…pat yourself on the back for that :slight_smile: