I have been surfing...

And I have come across a message board where the people who post CANNOT spell or use the rules of grammar at ALL!! (But they DO believe in magick!)

After browsing for a half-hour or so, my eyes hurt!

So, a big thumbs up to all of the Dopers who can spell and have a basic grasp of grammar! I love you guys!:smiley:

Oh… MY… GOD!

And regarding the poster’s learned abiltiy to learn to move things with her mind:

10-30 mins. a day! Heeps of hours of studying!!:rolleyes:

Someone hold my hair while I vomit! I swear, I’m never leaving the SDMB again!!

There there, it’s OK.

You don’t have to go back to the bad message board ever again.

Astroboy, i know exactly what you mean. The SDMB has spoiled all other message boards for me. They make me come running back here in search of sanity, grammar and vaguely sensible spelling. Long Live the SDMB.

Oh man, do I ever know what you mean. The SDMB has spoiled me rotten. I started to think all boards were like this. You know – comprehensible posts, interesting discussions, and a civilized appreciation for grammar. But I too have been to the dark side.

I registered at a couple video game message boards so I could ask some questions about a couple Playstation games I was stuck on. I noticed several things about those boards, things which make me fear for the future of our youth:

  1. Proper spelling and grammar do not exist. I’m not particularly anal about these things (I make errors in my posts all the time), but even I was appalled at what passes for communication there. Whole paragraphs without a single punctuation mark or capital letter, words so badly misspelled that it is impossible to even guess at the word (and God help you if you try to interpret from the syntax). I know that a lot of the poster are young and have been raised on the informal laguage of chat rooms, but fer cryin’ out loud it’s a message board, not a chat room. You don’t need to economize your words.

  2. Sigs are a nightmare. There are people on some of these boards with sigs that are twenty or thirty lines long! They include lyrics to entire songs in their sigs, and they include their sigs in every single post.

  3. A lot of people have an unhealthy obsession with post counts. They have post count races. They start thread with titles like “who wantz to race me to 5000?”. And they get there fast. They get there by posting nothing but a smiley, or a single word, or a LOL! (while still including their 30 line sig with every one of these one word wastes of bandwidth). To get to one or two relevant posts in a thread, one has to wade through 20 sig-infested collections of drivel.

  4. The amount of ignorance out there is staggering. And I don’t mean just typical teenage haven’t-yet-learned-it-in-school stuff. I mean an almost willful pusuit of ignorance. Urban legend spreading, rumor mongering, I-saw-it-on-Fox-so-it-must-be-true stuff.

  5. What passes for insults is ludicrous. Apparently the best thing they can come up with is “U suck. U R so gay.” Now I realize that a lot of these posters are teen boys, but c’mon…I would think most of them have watched enough sitcoms in their lives that they can come up with more creative put-downs.

I can’t go back to those places. They make my brain hurt.

Geez…don’t you people know that it’s word fascists like you that make the world just way too uptight? I mean, who cares if someone can’t spell for doody, right? I mean, like, it shouldn’t matter as long as you, like, get your point across, okay?


In case the sarcasm fairy steals my comprehensibility, I’m with you folks, but man…we’re in for a flaming if previous threads on this subject are any indication.

jayjay (word fascist)