I have Berocca!!!

Today my package from Australia arrived. I now have Berocca!

Berocca! Berocca!
I am so cool.

:cool: :dubious: :cool:

Berocca, as in that nasty vitamin drink? I mean, lucky you!:wink:

Well don’t kiss me, I don’t want to catch it.

The stuff that you buy in health food shops? I’m intrigued as to why this is so exciting. Have they had a big advertising campaign in the US?

B-B-B-Berocca gives you back you B-B-Bounce!

  • Bubba.

You can’t get it in the United States unless you’re special and hip and trendy and cool, like me.

The reason - it’s a great, nigh-guaranteed hangover-buster. It’s pretty much its only redeeming quality, though - it’s vile stuff.

And, as a friend of mine once famously found out, should never be used in BDSM games.

I’m not sure what Berocca is, but if Scylla’s got it, it must be testicle related.

All the best Scylla! If it excites you so much it must be good for you.

My office will be sending you a bill for replacing the monitor and keyboard I just ruined. :smiley:

I like Berocca. It’s fizzy and tastes good.

Better Berocca than Verucca, which is what I mistook the thread title for. So tell us does it have a cool label (like many Aussie wines), does it come in different colours/flavours, can you clean wax out of your ears with it - Details, Man, Details!

Berocca is a vitamin B supplement in the form of large-ish soluble pinkish tablets, and comes in a little metal tube. Drop one or two into a glass of water and you get a brightly coloured strange (but not unpleasant), sweet fizzy drink.

It is an A-grade hangover cure, and is a definite partner to the aspirin and large glasses of water.