I Have Discovered The Font Of Urban Legends

Give us a hint at least. Serif or sans-serif?

[sub]Dang hamsters[/sub]

There is nothing to it, trust me.

Is there an urban legend about fonts?

“This friend of a cousin of a coworker was telling me that Microsoft has a version of Helvetica which, if you use it, causes the viewer’s eyeballs to start bleeding.”

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s Apple that defaults to Helvetica; Microsoft defaults to Times New Roman or Ariel.

MS Word’s “Chiller” font has a nice creepy horror-movie look to it. That would be appropriate for a lot of urban legends.

The Little Mermaid?

I looked at theis thread and thought

“Oh, you’ve met my Aunt Pat.”
I favor papyrus myself


Not that kind of font. I meant fount. Oops.

Damnit! That’s what I get for just assuming that the L-O-N-G post I wrote earlier actually posted on the board! Ugh!

Anyway, what I posted earlier was regarding a guy I know (we’ll call him Ass, and his unwavering belief in things that the rest of us know are total bullshit.)

Yesterday, look!ninjas and I were hanging out with Ass and joking around about the smily face stickers we were looking at were really psychedelic etc. Anyway, someone mentioned drug dealers distributing LSD laced stickers or temporary tattoos to unknowing schoolchildren. Immediately, Ass pipes up and declares that it used to happen all the time. I laughed and said it was just an urban legend, he continued to swear to its truth. Finally, I jokingly said that if he wanted to continue the conversation, he’d have to produce some cites for his claims. He immediately swears that a girl in our town (no name, of course) was slipped LSD in her coke, and has since “never been the same”.
Later, the same day, look!ninjas, myself and Ass are talking about crime, when he starts again. This time, he tells the story of his friend who was drugged in a bar by seeminly friendly strangers and woke up naked in the parking lot. Apparently, his friend had narrowly missed having his kidneys harvested . The truth came out weeks later when the police found the people fitting the description of the people from the bar. The would-be kidney harvesters apparantly had a huge kidney jacking ring. Oh the horror!

I didn’t bother to attempt to correct him about the kidney thing. There is no help for people like him. He’s in his 50s. He’s not changing any time soon. Look!ninjas and I just exchanged a knowing glance and changed the subject.

Having hung out with Alias, look!ninjas, and “ass,” I should also point out that he swears global warming is a myth and that the freemasons rule the Earth. Let me tell you, “ass” is a nutty monkey.

My mom’s the same way … she was all a-twitter a few years ago, warning me to check gas pump handles and movie theater seats for HIV-infected needles. :rolleyes:

Avarie537, that is funny. There were no HIV infected needles in theater seats.

It’s the pop-tops on pop cans that you have to worry about. :wink: