I Have Duck Legs. Now What?

Some savvy (maybe) bartering resulted in my acquisition of some duck legs.

Now what the heck do I do with them? I thought maybe slow cooker duck legs. Or baked duck legs. Duck leg tacos?

Any ideas?

Please note that I do not consume tomatoes in any form or quantity, nor do I particularly want to use alcohol based beverages due to cost, although it seems a popular option from a quick google. Thanks for any ideas in advance.

See a podiatrist?

In my late teens, I would take my GF to this Polynesian restaurant where they would serve duck meat in some vegetable dish (no tomatoes, I believe). It was da best.

I would bake them. Tacos could be good. I’d just make nice sides and eat them off the bone, myself. Love duck!

Oh, and collect the fat to add to potatoes. Heaven!

Wear pants and no one will notice.



Fessenjan! Some sources say duck is the original meat for this.

Have you eaten much duck? Do you recall anything you liked or disliked? Because absent any other indicators, I came here to recommend:

You might want to turn your chairs in the opposite direction.

Was this a deal with a sorcerer or the devil?

Duck is all dark meat, so prepare it like you would dark meat chicken.

Have him put it on your bill

I had a duck leg, once.

I had to wear corrective shoes.
eta: joke stolen from MST3K, and numerous posters beat me to it anyway.

On a more serious note, I’m thinking low broiled with lemon and rosemary served over rice. Easy on the rosemary.

I’ve had it, but not too often.

It was some sort of Asian dish, and another time a nice Polish lady with little English made a roast duck for dinner for a group of us.

Love me dark meat chicken, have liked duck when I’ve tried it.

Are you kidding? That’s probably the worst thing you could possibly do. Everyone knows that duck legs in pants stick out like a sore thumb. If the OP wants to blend in he’d best get himself a sailor’s uniform, minus the lower half.

The only way I’ve ever had/seen/heard of duck legs being used was in a confit.

Wow, this sounds really good.

If I could walk like that I wouldn’t need rosemary!