I have hot doggity dogs and minced cow brains in my freezer

Ivyboy is almost 15.

He’s taken to labeling our frozen meat in our freezer.

I’m waiting to see what he labels the boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Ah…living with teenagers is never dull.

Funny and creative kid! I wish I had thought of that when I was his age! :stuck_out_tongue:


If he were here, he’d label the stuff in our big freezer “Bambi Burgers” and “Bambi Steaks” and “Bambi Sausage.”


If you’ll flatten out Bambi’s mother’s heart before it freezes, I think we’ll have enough room for spineless chickens and Miss Piggy’s ribs.

No way I could be confused with a teenager anymore, and I call them chicken boobs when I’m being nice. Mostly because it annoys VunderWife.

He doesn’t even say anything, just marks on the package with a Sharpie.

It was funny last night, because Ivylad pulled out a tinfoil wrapped package that had some holes in the wrapping. He absolutely hates freezer burn, so he demanded of the children which one had tried to write on the package with a pen and ended up poking holes through the tin foil.

Except the pen didn’t print correctly, so I had to tilt the package and let the lamp shine on it to determine that this particular package did indeed, contain minced cow brains.

Ivyboy sounds like my kind of kid! Clever and imaginative.

When I was about 10 or so I was grocery shopping with my mom and found some of those stickers that the butcher puts on meat that say “Boneless”. I went to the bread aisle and started sticking them on loaves of bread. My mom ended up with one of those “boneless” loaves of bread and thought it was hilarious. She scolded me lightly for it, but we still talk about the boneless bread.