I have joined the ranks of those who buy wine by the case

Dangerosa and I went to the store tonight to catch up on Wine Club wines. But it was Haskell’s Fall Wine Sale, and they had Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon for $9.99 a bottle. So I bought a case.

And they had Caymus Cab for $49.99 a bottle, down from the regular $74.99. So I bought a case.

With the other bottles we picked up, it was just under NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Holy crap. I think I am officially a wine drinker now.

So what time should we be over? :smiley:

FYI, if you ever get to the point where you want to keep track of all that wine, I can heartily endorse www.cellartracker.com. The only bad thing about it is that it keeps a running total of what your cellar is worth… which can be good, or bad.

Thank you – I will take a look. If it gives me a way to keep notes, I’m in.

I use cellartracker, although I’m not nearly as disciplined about keeping up as I was when I started.

If you’re keeping that much wine around, have a good place to keep it. Either that or drink it quickly.

Buying by the case, for me, is just cost-effective. As long as you’re not a person who is going to drink a lot more of it just because you have it.

Not only can you keep notes on it, but you can see other people’s notes on the wine. I find it an invaluable resource when deciding whether to buy wine without being able to taste it first.

Any recommendations for the former? Do I need refrigeration or can I get by with just a decent rack in the basement?