I have lost all audio on my pc.

I had a freeze up yesterday on my PC and shut it down by holding in the power button then restarting. It started up fine, but now I have absolutely no audio. I’ve been in the control panel and everything under the volume tab is greyed out and under the audio tab it says “no playback devices” under sound playback.

I have Windows XP.

Any suggestions?

Integrated sound, or sound card?

To the best of my knowledge…integrated.

This might seem silly, but have you tried resetting the computer?
Assuming you have, one thing I would try is going into the device manager and disabling anything that has to do with sound, then re-enabling. If that doesn’t work, I would delete everything and re-install all the drivers.

I have had this happen on more than one occasion and sometimes just restarting your computer will fix the problem, if not go into the control panel to performance and maintenance and then into system restore. It will ask you to pick a date and then it will restore your hard drive to its condition on the date that you pick. I usually pick a d ate that is just a day or two before the problem occurred. Sometimes a calenadar will pop up with possible restore dates. Just pick the latest one. I hope this works, it always has for me.