I Have next Year's Christmas Present

If anyone has INHD1 they have been showing “Yule Log” all day…basically, a nice, high-def film of a fire in a fireplace, with non-vocal Christmas songs playing in the background.

I taped four hours of it, intend to make DVD copies, and insert them in next year’s Christmas cards.

Great for parties, or just alone with the family during the season.

I’m jealous! I’ve been looking for a good “fireplace” DVD for years … I want one that’s just the logs and flames, not the whole fireplace, which is hard to find but sounds like what you recorded. Were there fire sounds, too, like popping and crackling?

Yes - in between songs you could hear the sound of the wood popping and crackling…and they kept only the actual burning logs in the picture, no fireplace frame. I bet the cameraman had a lot of fun shooting this - he could go get coffee, read a book or take quick naps…there wasn’t much camera movement at all.

I’ll make you a deal - remind me in October to start making copies, and I will send you one as well!

Thanks! I’ll do my best to remember to remind you. :slight_smile:

Rats- Comcast On Demand had that as well, and I tried to DVR it but it wouldn’t record :frowning: It was so nice!