I have no swapfile. Huh????

Before I go on…here are my PC specs as of this morning.

Win ME
Voodoo5 5500
(And so on…)

I just installed another 128MB giving me a total of 320MB.

Everything works great! But when I went into Explorer, I noticed my swap file is 0(Zero)k.

(I have my system tweaked right up adn the only things I have running at boot up are Zone Alarm, GetRight!, and MemTurbo. I have ICQ and two browser windows running now and still no swap file.)

Is this something I should be worried about??

BTW: I have Windows set to manage the swap file itself.)

I think you have so much ram, you don’t need a swapfile.

If you never run out of ram while doing operations, Virtual RAM doesn’t need to be used, now does it?

That is exactly what I was thinking. I just ahve never seen this before, so I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong…

IIRC from a cnet artical. No matter how much ram you have, you should have some swap file. I think the reason is that parts of the mem (low, conventioal mem) are easier to access then other (higher mem add’s). windows swaps out rarely needed code to swap file leaving more mem available for apps. If you are using an OS that is not based on the DOS kernal then I don’t think it matters.

having no swap file can make some applications faster. But hey, if it works fine then you don’t need one.