I have not received something I paid for- what are my options?

I bought a computer with 2.5 years remaining extended warranty from someone on Craig’s List. I met this person, she seemed very nice/honest (although I realize what I thought is moot). She gave me the packaging for the warranty, and said she’d just have to pass on my info to Apple to transfer the warranty, and that she’d do it within the next week. I told her if I didn’t hear back in two weeks’ time, that I’d be in touch. So two weeks went by, I e-mailed her twice with no reply. So today I called and left her a message. So far, no reply. I’m not sure where to go from here.

I have all of the e-mails exchanged between us, including hers that confirmed the warranty was part of the sale. I still have the craig’s list page bookmarked with the heading which states the warranty is included (yet the post content was deleted after the sale). I have her e-mail address, home address, home, work, and cell phone numbers. I picked up the computer from her house, so I’ve been there. I paid in cash with no receipt…

I don’t want to be a stalker, but I need to figure out what’s going on. Any thoughts? What are my rights? Is anything that I have considered proof of what was promised?

Have you tried calling Apple? As far as I know, the warranty transfers automatically with the sale of the computer.

I would call them, tell them that you bought this computer, and want to update the warranty with your contact information, and go from there. Don’t mention the girl, or that she hasn’t called you back, or any of the rest of the story.

How did you pay? Cash? Check? Did you send payment thru the mail? PayPal? Credit Card? They all offer different or in some cases, like cash, no option.