I have now heard everything.

On the radio right now. A techno version of “Sunglasses At Night”.


According to allmusic.com, SAN is a new-wave song. That doesn’t seem too incompatible with techno to me.

I think it would be weird to hear a techo version of a mainstream modern country. Like that one I hate that goes “hell yeah/turn it up”.
Or techo blues!

I agree… new wave is basically 80s techno so I don’t find it weird at all.

The country version of “Gin and Juice” I heard a few years ago, on the other hand, still gives me nightmares.

I’d reply, but I’ve long since accepted that I don’t process music the same way as most of the people on this board. Not saying either way is better; just that I’m almost always in the minority with my opinions, so I’ll let it go.

I love that song. It’s by The Gourds, if anyone’s looking for it.

You would.

One of my all-time favorite covers! That song can crack up any carload of people or lighten up any party.

I thought Secret Agent Man by toledo Polkamotion was pretty wrong on more than one level :frowning:

There’s an accoustic version of “Boys In The Hood” by Dynamite Hack. It’s…different listening to a gangster rap song sung by a country singer.

I heard a Mexican folk version of “Back on the Chain Gang” at a burrito shop. That was weird.

You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard “Rubber Ducky” techno…in German.

I just heard that a few days ago. I had to listen to the whole thing because I thought it was so strange.