I Have Nylon Fishing Line In My Little Finger

Thats’ what it feels like, anyway.

I had surgery on my left pinky finger and palm for Dupuytren’s Contracture last October 31st. It’s all healed up; the stitches were removed Nov. 12.

I had occupational therapy from mid-Nov. through mid-January. But there is STILL an undissolved dissolvable suture in the crevice (fold line) between my pinky and palm. That’s what feels like the nyloon fishing line. It STILL HURTS when I massage it, and it is physically visible – looks like a projecting round plastic dot about the size of a straight pin top.

OW. The therapy lady said it would become “encapsulated” & then it wouldn’t bother me any more. It’s now MARCH 17 - and, yes, it’s still painful.

Not looking for medical advice. Perhaps some sympathy :dubious:

Grumpy here :frowning: :mad

That really sucks. I’m sorry it still hurts.

I had a c-section three years ago. The sutures were 100% dissolving and internal… except for one loose end that stuck out. The doctor looked at it at my two week post-surgery appointment and said it would dissolve and go away.

Three years later… I still have a tiny bit of something sticking out of me. It doesn’t hurt, though. So you have it worse.

I had supposedly-dissolving stitches closing the incision made for my vasectomy a dozen years ago - they were supposed to dissolve in a fortnight, but were still there after about 6 weeks.

I asked my doctor to remove them (as by that time, they were sort of embedded and were causing an uncomfortable pinching sensation all the time), but she refused, saying she’d take them out if they were still there in 6 months.

So I removed them myself - which was not fun - basically digging into my own scrotum to take hold of them with forceps and pulling them hard enough to expose the knot, so I could cut below it.

Yup, on my ankle surgery, one of the stitches didn’t dissolve, allowing a staff infection to develop in the incision.

Worst part was when my podiatrist realized what was going on, and told me to turn away and hold my mom’s hand. Yanking it out caused a torrential outpouring of puss and gross, but the infection finally started clearing up the next day.

Point being… yeah, it could be worse. Always, in my experience (one), there’s always the one that doesn’t want to dissolve…

Huh. I have the reverse problem. My body rejects stitches, regardless of wether they’re the dissolvable kind or they were supposed to be permanent. Once the incision has healed, the stitches just migrate to the surface and pop out, still intact. I had stitches from my fallopian tube migrate out through the tiny little endoscopy scar, and permanent stitches in my facial muscle migrate out through the healed overlying incision. I don’t think I’ve kept a single stitch longer than 2 months.

It’s pretty cool, actually. I’ll see the tip of a new stitch surfacing through healed skin, and I envision my body saying “Ptooie” as it spits out the stitch.

I had a median sternotomy when my bypass was done. Now I have these bumps down my chest which almost always get me extra attention prior to boarding a plane.

I don’t mind them. They’re better than than the alternative…

Do you ever start pushing them in a deliberate pattern while TSA hassles you? :smiley: