I have seen the future, and it is this...

Thermal depolymerization. A ConAgra affiliate has succesfully introduced a way to convert almost ANYTHING into usable, sellable products (except nuclear waste). You heard it here first… check out discovery magazine’s article on it ( the link was generic to thier archival material for some reason).

It runs primarily from turkey offal (guts, bones, feathers and the like) and can convert anything from animal parts, to human waste ,to fax machines into usable, sellable products!

I’ve stated this before on this board before, but I think it bears repeating (upon a second evaluation). Some may say that I’m trying to shill snake-oil, I hope they go on record as saying that. I firmly believe that this is the future of fossil fuel technology, as long as it’s around. At an 85% efficiency rate, who could ignore the potential?

Am I simple, or is this not what mankind has sought to (or dreamed of) producing ever since the industrial revolution?

WAG: Yes. :wink:

This was discussed in depth a month or two ago (that isn’t to say we shouldn’t continue to talk about it now, naturally).

It looks good, but I have a few concerns:
-Energy input - high temperatures and pressures are required - where does the energy for this come from?
-Throwing unsorted waste into the machine may result in unpleasant chemicals (Im thinking primarily of heavy metals) in the solid output - this would render it unfot for use as fertiliser (which I believe is one of the suggestions).