I have somehing you don't have! Nyah, nyah!

Yep. Got 'em right here on the table beside me.

Just came in from the hinterlands of far off China. (Or is that the far off hinterlands of China?) Ten pairs, still in their original box, all written on in genuine Chinese characters.


Oh, yeah, you ain’t never had such a thing.

Genuine handmade Yak Horn Chopsticks!

From real Yaks! Got a picture of one on the front of the box!

My son just brought them to me from . . . well, China, hinterlands, you know.

Now, that’s MPSIMS!

Eat your hearts out. With bamboo chopsticks, most likely! Hehehehehhe.


Oh so you think that’s special? Well my bamboo chopsticks are “DISPOSABLE HYGIENIC” and come in a nice red paper holder envelope thingy. I bet you have to wash yours after you use them! Mine are sitting nicely in the trash can. Why reuse when you can make refuse?

That probably explains why the yak that was just delivered to me doesn’t have any horns.

I have a personally autographed Penthouse from Jamie Lynn SomethingOrAnother, the 2005 Penthouse pet of the year.

Given to me by her mother no less.
Not to mention a dancing penis. Well, it’s not actually MY penis so much as I own a dancing penis thingie. It’s on the shelf just below my autographed Penthouse.

I’ve got this window directly behind me, on the third floor of the house. A couple hundred yards away, directly in my line of sight, was the launching area for our town’s fireworks display.

I had front row seats simply by swiveling my chair around. Nyah nyah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t make me beat you with my oosik!

Nobody else can hear the voices in my head.

Anyone else look at the picture, then automatically tilt their head to read the titles and try and figure out what you’ve read that we’ve read, and based on that, how much we are compatible (in a platonic sortofa way)?

How do you know?

Sigh. I had a window like that. For seven years, I got to watch the Lake Union fireworks from it. I’ve also seen some awesome thunderstorms from there.

I miss that window.

I have two deer ribs and a vertebra, courtesy of the deer herd in the Crane’s Beach, Ipswich wildlife refuge. Found among the dunes behind the beach, perhaps the remnants of a coyote kill.

And I have a railroad spike from the long-since abandoned Lake Shore Branch of the Boston & Maine Railroad, found beside the sandy railbed* running through Lake Shore Park along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.
*Well, it was sandy 40-some years ago. Paved now (sigh).

I have a drawing one of the kids I used to babysit for me. And I’m surrounded by hearts and flowers.

So there.

Would you really accept delievery of a horny yak?

I’ve posted it before, but…

Nasty Pig Thing. Do you have one? I submit that you do not. Whether or not it is desirable to have one is a question we shall leave for another day. It is a philosophical matter too complex to fully contemplate at such a late hour. For now, it will suffice to know this:

Nasty Pig Thing rules.

[Charlie Brown]
I got a rock.


No one else had Hand Made Yak Horn Chopsticks.

Told ya.


I have a purple bird. Bet you don’t.

I have 8 cats and a hangover.

You don’t understand. We are sending the voices inside your head…

(The main one we send is ‘Keep posting on the SDMB’. Your 10,000+ posts suggest our technology is effective. Never listen to fools who talk of tin hats.)

I have eight cats and a horse, which is a lot less painful except when the horse steps on my foot.