I Have the Monday Cockroaches

Back in high school I took three years of French. About the only things I remember are “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” and “J’ai le cafard de Lundi.”

The second one is the French idiomatic equivalent of “I have the Monday blues.” Unfortunately, a direct translation leads to this thread title.

Why the down duck? No good reason. It was a fairly decent weekend. We got to see one of my best friends who we haven’t seen in months. I did a lot of productive yardwork, even managed to win a battle or two against the dreaded** oriental bittersweet. My 21 month old daughter can count to four now, and usually identifies the color “blue” correctly three time out of four. All in all not too shabby (if you don’t count the possible gall bladder attack).

But here I sit at work feeling like total carp. It’s not the usual “I’d rather be anywhere else but work” feeling either. More of a “why did I even bother waking up today?” feeling. I’m hoping it will bloom into a full-fldged crankiness. I’ve got a few meetings with total dolts today, and they could use some derision.

So who else here has got a serious case of the Monday Cockroaches?
** Anyone ever see that episode of Alice? Mel tells Vera that there is a typo on the menu. Vera asks where. Mel points out the “Dreaded Veal Cutlet”. Vera tells Mel she thought he was just being truthful.

CaNard is duck, just so you know.

I’ve got them, too, but I cannot even type the word CRoaches.

Our kids are about the same age, do you think that the whole parenthood thing is just hitting us?

Sometimes I feel like CARP, too. :wink: