I have to wait twenty-nine seconds before I can search again

I accidentally double-clicked on the “New Posts” button, and the board took that is too many searches in a 30-second period.

I’ve received the message before alerting me to the one-search-per-30-seconds rule, but I’ve never seen the addendum alerting me to how many seconds I still have to wait before I can search again.

Is this new? I guess I won’t have to count Mississippis anymore. :slight_smile:

Wow, one incomplete thought after another in the OP.

Let me complete the main one:
When the screen came up that I searched too many times in a 30-second period, it alerted me that I still had to wait 29 seconds before my next search. That’s the addendum I was talking about. The amount of time remaining.

NO this isn’t a new restriction.

YES you have a hella short attention span. So do I.

NO waiting 30 dang seconds won’t kill you.

No, that’s not what I’m asking.

I know about the screen that pops up announcing that I can only perform one search per 30 seconds.

But, it seems, this announcement now comes with another announcement alerting me to how many seconds I have left to wait.

(Underlining mine)

Is the underlined protion of the announcement a new addition, or have I just never noticed it before?

IIRC, I ran across that message “you have 17 seconds…” many months ago. It came with one of the vB updates.

Odd, I saw it yesterday for the first time myself.

How hard would it be to actually show a countdown? Hmm, a suggestion to Jelsoft.