I have two accounts here, can they be merged?

I posted here for a while 6-7 years ago, then stopped and long ago forgot my log-in details.
So I joined again today, and once I’d joined I was able to use the search function and find my old user name.
Can I email a mod and have the accounts merged?

Yes. Contact TubaDiva at tubadiva@aol.com and she can take care of it.

IIRC, having two accounts for any reason is a no-no, and yes, you should email a mod quickly so that you don’t get banned for it. Just explain the situation.

I’m in a similar situation - I actually forgot I’d joined (a decade ago!), and then ran across some old posts a couple of weeks ago in a search. I PM’ed TubaDiva and then emailed a copy of the PM from both email accounts, but haven’t gotten a response yet. I don’t want to pester her - should I get in touch again?

I just emailed TubaDiva with a link to this thread and an explainer. Thanks!

That’s the way to go. Maybe CC C K Dexter Haven or another admin. TubaDiva has a lot of SDMB responsibilities and your messages may have been lost in the shuffle.

Putting SDMB in the subject line helps differentiate the steak from the spam (or Godiva from Hershey as the case may be).

TubaDiva’s busy with personal life at the moment, give her a few days.

Okay, anyone else with two user names? Come out, come out, wherever you are!


Thanks, TubaDiva for making me right!

Tuba Diva is one of the coolest people here. :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive a zombie, but is TubaDiva still the person to talk to? My situation is similar to the OP’s:

  • I had an account in the early 2000s
  • I went away for a few years
  • When I came back couldn’t connect to my existing account (turns out I used an underscore rather than a space)
  • I assumed the board had changed systems again (I had also had an account on a previous version of the board in the 1990s and had to create a new one when it changed)
  • Created a new account, which I’ve used for the past couple of years

So is it possible to merge them? The only real reason is for the cachet of having a 2002 creation date, no biggie if it can’t be done.


I believe TubaDiva hung up her squid-wrangler’s whip some time ago. I’d just PM any mod and explain the situation. If they can’t take care of it, they can forward it on to someone who can.

kenetic, send me a PM and we’ll get this sorted out for you.

This thread reminds us to ask, again: Does anyone know what happened to chiroptera? Last active here over a year ago.

I was wondering that, too - I’ve asked a few times and she seems to have just dropped off the planet.

Oh you flat-earthers never quit, do you?