I have vomit on my shoes.

And it’s not mine.

Worse, I don’t know whose it is.

When I discovered it, just now, I went through the following emotions:

:eek: :confused: :frowning: :mad:


I think I need a new pair of shoes.

New shoes would definitely be a good idea. And how drunk or otherwise intoxicated were you exactly?

Could be worse…
The drummer for Spinal Tap died of choking on vomit, that was not his own…

And besides, you Needed a new pair of shoes, anyway.

Surprisingly sober, actually. It appears that the majority of the vomit is on the bottom of the left shoe, which would seem to indicate that I stepped in a puddle of puke.

I recommend scrubbing them with essence of petunia.

ShoeGuy: Hey! You got VOMIT on my SHOES!

VomitGuy: Well! You got your SHOES in my VOMIT!

Voiceover: Two great tastes that taste great together.

When I read the thread title I immediately thought you’d made your first trip down to Bourbon Street. Vomit, urine, and manure all in one delicious smelling paste on the bottom of your shoes…

Thank god I wasn’t eating when I read this…

Better than vomit on your sandals :wink:

Why? Would you normally click on a thread titles “I have vomit on my shoes” while you were scarfing a burger?

The title alone would have been enough to make me feel a little queezy if I was eating.

God help you if you ever have children then. The little bastards are vomit and shit factories.