I have weird sequential/connected dreams

Lately I’ve been having these dreams. They involve a man (no, not sex dreams. Get your mind out of the gutter) who is some sort of benefactor (maybe boyfriend…but I don’t really know) for me. These dreams have been going on for probably the last three weeks.

I’m still a grad student in the dreams, although I never seem to go to any classes or see any of my friends. I’ve also never actually seen this man in my dreams. He sends a limo to pick me up, and I have to go to this hotel place, where I seem to wander around a lot. Once I’m ready to leave, I have to call him on a phone and tell him, explaining why I’m ready to go.

In the one last night, I think I was sort of half awake while I was dreaming this, because the reason I gave for being ready to leave was that I felt like I was getting sick - my nose was stuffy. He said that he would “run a check on me over the phone and make sure I wasn’t getting anything too serious”. A computer screen sort of thing popped up and was running diagnostics. At that point I flipped over onto my back in my bed, and my nose wasn’t stuffy anymore. I tried to explain to him over the phone that I felt better, but I was afraid to explain it to him because I thought he might think I was lying to him just so I could leave.

I then went into this whole mental thought process about what I was going to tell him when I graduate and get a job out of state, and thinking that maybe I needed to start breaking the news to him now, so that the explanations could be made over time, and maybe he wouldn’t get mad.
I have weird dreams. I don’t wake up scared or anything, but I definitely wake up confused by them. Now I just need to try to figure out what they might mean.