I haven't eaten in 3 days... oops

Huh. I couldn’t fathom being able (or willing) to not eat for more than 8 or 10 hours. I’m one of those “grazers” - I eat small amounts often during the day. The biggest meal I have is dinner; the rest is grazing. I have low blood pressure, so it helps to keep my energy up. If I go for a while without eating I get tired and hungry (duh) and lightheaded.

I keep a stash of Kashi bars, string cheese, nuts, yogurt, and my vice of peanut M&M’s at work. I have some sort of food item in my purse most of the time too.

I used to hear in high school “You’re so skinny!” all the time. It’s just how I was made. That’s definitely not the case now! Now I’m average. My husband was the same way. Our kids are the same way. My daughter is 5’8" and 120 pounds. That might be worrisome if it was sudden, but she was in 95% in height and 10-15% in weight for every checkup from infancy to now. Now people tell her “You’re so skinny!”:smack:

If he was joking then I do apologise. But urgh its something that really gets me going. Hunger is for the weak?? Try telling that to all the starving Africans.