I haven't eaten in 3 days... oops

I’m not kidding, I haven’t eaten anything in 3 days, it’s kind of weird. I never even noticed until now :smack: (I’m eating right now since I realized that, don’t worry, people on the internet that don’t know me, I’m not going anorexic or anything). But looking at my supplies nothing has changed in 3 days and I can’t remember having any food. I even took a big 3-4 hour walk the last couple days because I was bored, you’d think that’d make me hungry but nope, I had a big glass of water both times and then felt full, never even thought about food. I feel stupid now.

Mundane? Yup. Pointless? Check. Must Share? Totally.

Feel free to share similar experiences of being totally oblivious to your own survival needs.

I started a thread on this subject once, because I did the same thing. In my case, I realized it because I started feeling sick. I try and schedule snacks now- not real big on having huge meals.

I hear ya. I completely forgot to eat, apart from a mouthful for medication, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I can’t go more than a few hours without food (not diabetic or anything, just particularly fuel-heavy) unless I’m asleep, but I once went three weeks without physically touching anyone. It wasn’t deliberate. There was just no reason to touch anyone.

Not as dire as food, but when did you last go 21 days without touching anyone?

It’s Ramadan. Perhaps you’re subconsciously a Muslim?

I’m so glad I’m not the only one.
A few months ago, my life got unusually busy. Plus I was started on a diuretic for edema, with the not so bad side effect of reducing appetite, and the very bad side effect of lowering potassium levels.
I rarely drink anything unless I’m eating. And I forgot to do either one for 3 days.
The dehydration dropped my potassium even lower.
Also, I had major vertigo every time I moved, unbelievable headaches, kidney infection, and fatigue.

I’ve gone months without touching anyone. I’m not a touchy-feely sort. Shaking hands is about the only reason I touch people anyway, and that’s not too frequent for me, really.

Anyways, the longest I’ve gone without eating through obliviousness (obliviosity?) is about a day and a half. But I normally have a lot of drinks in various varieties (milk, soda, etc) so they keep my energy up on such occasions.

I used to go for days on end without eating. Just don’t make a habit of it like I did, that’s the path that eating disorders lay on.

(I know you’re probably not going that direction, but just a friendly word of caution from someone that’s been there.)

How did it happen, if you don’t mind answering, Antinor01? Did you go from forgetting to eat to not wanting to eat, or did you purposely miss meals when you were starting out?

So as not to hijack what looks to be a more lighthearted thread, I started this thread to answer.

I’m pretty sure the last meal I had was Friday night. My stomach is rebelling against me but I have work to do. :frowning:

If I go more than a few hours without eating, my blood-sugar levels plummet (I’m not diabetic, I just seem to have very sensitive blood-sugar) and I get light-hearted and shaky. If I still don’t eat after that, I faint.

I can’t imagine not eating for 3 days. Until about 10 minutes ago, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast (about 10 hours ago) because I was busy cleaning. I’d been ignoring the shakeness and diziness in order to get finished, but had to stop and eat something when my legs gave way under me.

Go eat something!

Food is for the weak. A little hunger never killed anyone.

Are you being serious???

If so, I can’t disaggree more. Food is for the weak? No, humans need food to live.

I’m prone to the same thing; Am I mistaken in thinking that this is the oft alluded to “breaking through the wall” that marathoners and other endurance athletes refer to when all energy in the digestive system is exhausted and you begin burning fat?

Often I will eat an enormous breakfast. This morning I had a three egg omelet with too much stuff in it to mention, hash browns, 4 sausage links, toast w/butter and jelly, sausage, coffee w/cream, milk and apple juice. After that I don’t, and haven’t eaten all day.

Tomorrow morning my inner breakfast monster will come out again, but since tomorrow is Monday I’ll have to settle for milk and coffee. :frowning:

I remember this one time when I was a kid when I didn’t poop for 3 days. I was with a friend camping one weekend, and then later realized that I didn’t go at all. When I had to go the next time, it was perfectly normal. No pain, didn’t have a massive quantity of shit builty up. Weird it was.

Is that a dive bomber flying overhead?! (Unless this is a double-whoosh.)

Vox Imperatoris

No, it’s Superman!

If I experience a sudden change of diet or go on a long journey, this happens to me. I have more than once gone three days without a bowel movement. Once I do go, however, it’s pretty much normal.

Not going without food for three days, though? I have not idea how one can be so busy not to notice. I could see going through most of a day before realizing you haven’t eaten, but two, much less three days?