I haven't watched the news yet. Did Nader win?

Has anyone heard the results?

Yes. Yes, Nader won.

Go back to sleep now. We’ll wake you on January 20.

I’m sorry to break it to you. . . Some guy named “Obahmer” won according to the Beeb.

Proud Nader Voter, 2008.

I voted for Nader too and would let out a cheer for the 1% that occasionally showed up. :slight_smile: In Vermont the percent was effectively 0.

Holy crap - we had an election?!

Why did no one tell me??? :frowning:

Yes, but due to a ballot misprint, it’s not Ralph, but Michael Nader that’s going to be our next president.

They thought you asked to be notified when you had an erection.

It’s close. Apparently there will be a runoff between Bob Barr and Jackson Kirk Grimes.

Nader addressing his enthusiastic supporters at a last-minute rally.

That made me sad.