I haz Deagle (for now)

While out exploring the wilds of central PA today, I stopped at a quaint little country gunne shoppe. They had a NIB Desert Eagle pistol with both .50AE and .44 magnum barrels and magazines at a crazy low price. We’re talking about $500 less than the gun with a single barrel sells for in my home area. I couldn’t resist and picked it up. I’m not sure if Imma keep it or sell it for a profit. I do know this though: If I elect to keep it and shoot it, every time I take it to the range I will wear a dark suit, a tie, and sunglasses.

Okay, did anyone else read the thread title and think he had bought a dog?

Dachshund -beagle? Me too. I wanted pics.

^ Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I was thinking dachshund/beagle cross. too.


I wasn’t sure. Dachsund/Beagle? Dalmation/Beagle? Doberman/Beagle? So I opened the thread to find out. I discovered I was, to coin a phrase, barking up the wrong tree.

I knew it was the infamous big bore handgun right from the title, “Deagle” is a well known portmanteau in the firearms hobby

how is it in real life? aside from really heavy and unbalanced, that is…

It is heavy, though not unbalanced. Amusingly, it is actually lighter with the .50AE barrel in place than with the .44 magnum. Both barrels have the same OD, so the smaller bore means thicker barrel walls. I have medium sized hands and the grip feels a bit oversized to me. Trigger is decent, but not great. I suspect it will smooth out a lot with use. I’m leaning towards keeping it. Tomorrow maybe I will buy some .44 ammo and try it out. .50AE is just so pricey…

Me too.

My family had a dog that was a dachshund/beagle cross (we think, judging by the look of her).

It’s this kind of weapon, isn’t it?

Exactly. Seen one. The lady called hers a ‘Beanie’, though. He was a cutiepie.

Dachshunds haunt my dreams. Wish I had Scum’s .50 aspirin.

Surely Deagle is a labrador pup?