I hear Ed Zotti's voice...

…coming out of my car radio.

Or I did yesterday, anyway. I had driven out of range of my usual stations, and had just switched to the local NPR station. Imagine my surprise when I heard the announcer dude say “Ed Zotti, editor of the Straight Dope newspaper column”.

He was talking about White Elephants. His voice lacked the “Word of God” tenor that I had imagined. It was more of an “I’m Cecil’s flunky” voice.

Did anyone else hear this?

I didn’t. But if you think he sounded that way, it was probably because he was trying not to blow your mind. :wink:

Ed’s on NPR and nobody made a big announcement here? I wish I would have known, I’d have tried to catch it. Is it a regular thing?

If that doesn’t work, go to NPR.org and look for Weekend Edition Saturday, Aug. 7,2004. You can listen to the clip (Real Audio).

“…now in the apackerful story that arose” …? He sounds like a Boston bookie!

That sounds very Chicago to me.

I think it was just a one-time thing. Who knew he was the go-to man on elephant stories?

I wasn’t aware that Ed gave interviews of any kind, but in that clip, it sounds like a telephone sound bite. Short, recorded quotes of this kind are often woven into a longer on-air story at a different time. The question asked by the original interviewer may not be the one the interviewee seems to be answering in the final composite; it’s all a product of careful audio editing.

Anybody else note the Henry Mancini song, “Baby Elephant Walk” from the movie “Hatari” at the end?

I heard that Ed Zotti once shot an elephant in his pajamas!

I heard the elephant was in Cecil’s pajamas.

Yes, Musicat, I thought that was cute.

I am massively underwhelmed. Here I am expecting some great interview with our Mr. Zotti and it turns out to be a phone recording. I half expected a song request at the end of it. :rolleyes:

Still, I did get to hear Zotti speak…muchly cool

<hijack> Who was the presenter? Sounds a lot like Baz Luhrmann.

Reads question…re-reads link…hides under rock… :o

Is that an elephant in your pajamas or you just glad to see me? :eek:

You can see a photo of , and read more about, the white elephant here.

Ed has, from time to time, given NPR interviews. He usually gives Staff (at least) a little advance notice; this time, not.

I think this may be the least responded to threadspotting ever.

(See how I’ve got your back CK… now everyone can blame me for killing this thread instead of you.)

Well, Little Ed likes to say there is an elephant in his jammies . . . .

Damn! I heard most of WESAT last week, but missed this.

Gee…I was hoping this thread might get a visit from the Ed himself.

A girl can dream…
BTW: The way I read this thread, I’m the only one who actually heard this when it was originally aired. Am I right?