I helped dispell an urban legend! (sort of)

Yesterday Snopes posted an update to the poor Jenny died in a car crash story, with an addition about a guy who witnessed his daughter being involved in an accident, saying it wasn’t quite the same as the UL, but close enough to mention.
Some of you may remember a few months ago the 21 year old guy who was racing on the streets and ran into a car containing his mother, killing her and the driver. I sent an email to Snopes telling them about this, and almost immediately I got a response from Barbara Mikkelson herself :eek: , thanking me for the info, and telling me that she’d update the page with that info.
And there it is, in the second to last paragraph on the Snopes page! I’m famous! :cool:

Anyone else have any stories about their attempts to fight ignorance?

P.S. My first thread! Woohoo!

Ugh – I hate knowing that are still people who believe a 14-year old boy’s petition to get a “National Firefighters Day” is for real or that the Klingleman is something to be worried about.

About once a week one particular friend is gullible enough to send me an email about free clothes from the gap, the aforementioned Klingleman virus, or some other nonsense. Every single time I forward her the link from snopes, gently but firmly tell her that 99% of these stories are urban legends, but know that I will soon get another one with “Fwd: fwd: fwd: FOR REAL! Not a hoax!” in the subject header.

Luckily, though, another friend has come to rely on me to dispell urban legends that seem to run rampant in her office. I get a call from her occasionally telling me about the latest legend circulating among the cube farm and whether I think it’s true, I’ll pull the link from Snopes if it’s on there and she sends it to her staff with a note about spreading ridiculous stories without checking their facts first. :slight_smile: That’s about as close as I’m coming in helping fight urban legend ignorance, but it’s something.

Oh, lord, somebody sent me the Jenny email again the other day with a subject “This will make you cry”. No, it nearly made me barf.

I also recently came into contact with the KFC/not real chicken UL the other day. Still can’t convince the guy it’s not true.