I hit the trifecta on Facebook friend stupidity today!

  1. Facebook friend who I vaguely remember from school announces that Jackie Chan has died. Not only is it a hoax, it’s an old hoax.

  2. Facebook friend (who really was a friend in HS) shares an “article” about how a shocking number of witnesses to the 911 attacks are now dead. I almost admire the hutzpah of transplanting this bullshit.

  3. Facebook friend (a 1st cousin who I like & don’t think of as a cretin) shares an article on the dangers of microwave ovens. They were invented by the Nazis you know.


I swear to God I’m tempted to write & share a bogus article on the miracle food that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about…

Turds & Whipped Cream!

You had better try it now before the gubmint gets in yo shit!


Post Onion articles on their walls. It’s even funnier when dipshits believe it.

I had a friend post on FB that now she knows that mermaids are really real, you guys, since she saw it on the Discovery Channel special!!1 Even when someone pointed out to her that it was fiction, and DC even put a disclaimer about it being fiction, my friend said that she still believed that it proved that mermaids were real. Facebook has really depressed me about the state of human intelligence in the world.

I try to be understanding. God knows I would have been posting JFK conspiracy/UFO/Bigfoot crap 24/7 if Facebook had been around 30 years ago. It’s really depressing to get it from people my age & older.

There was a chain e-mail going around a few years ago about gangs throwing eggs on windshields and how putting your wipers on would fog everything up and force you to stop, which would make you prime pluckin’. A friend posted this on Facebook. Ten minutes later she posted similar drivel, about Bad People leaving carriages by the side of the road to trick Nice People into getting mugged. She was a second year journalism student. I asked her what her sources were. She found that offensive.

I don’t very much care for how revealing people get on Facebook. I’d be happier not knowing how dumb some of my friends are.

Oh I think it is funny to know how dumb, stupid, moronic or shocking people are on their Facebook pages :).

I have one professor (who was okay but daffy) on here who was complaining about the housing development at the city. The housing board ad said “Made in America.” The professor got to all in a huff over saying that America is a continent not a country (the professor is a Latin America history so it makes sense…in a way:confused:). The professor wanted to go to a hardware store and get a spray can to paint it over. Well, we are techically living in a country called the United States of America and the housing ad was in United States of America

Other professor (a philosophy one) going to a protest rally against administration. Protest rally was possibly on a school day when he was possible having a lecture or advising. Also adminstration had a problem with faculty posting on Facebook that might hurt the university reputation. The professor basically give a big F.U. to them on Facebook The professor is on tenure and unionized so the person is unlikely to be fired, but I won’t think it is a good idea to bad mouth against a employer especially if your profile is public. Also the professor also whined he was considered “temporary” even though he/she worked for the university for so-soyears. Poor you and professors with your pissy teaching salary and the money you make off of your publiciations. Help the poor students lower the tution while supporting them fully at their burger flipping jobs (sacrasm).

Also my former boss had their facebook where the person flexed their muscles while the groupies went ga-ga over it. The boss got fired and the person was saying that he/she wanted to work at similar place to the one I used to work at. Hmmm won’t you not posted pictures of the Evil Queen from Snow White telling people to shove d$*$s into boxes and having likes like “I love boobies” even though it is anti-cancer society. Potential employers have background checks and I think some may look at your internet postings.

If I could nuke every lol or LOL or LMFAO or lmfao from the face of the Earth I would do it. Makes people look like even bigger morons than they already appear to be w/ their Facebook idiocy.

I have a cousin who usually posts pictures of chiuahuas or Like if you hate Cancer, Like if you hate World Hunger…:smack:?
Once in a blue moon she posts a picture of a “Shabby Chic” porch redo or something that I can finally Like. I don’t want her to think I’ve got her blocked.
There’s a Friend who posts jokes and cutesy stuff ALL THE TIME followed with HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
She also posts about her favorite book, Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar.
Makes me wonder what the hell I’M revealing…

[aside] To be fair, and to fight ignorance: Many teachers in various universities have nothing at all to do with administration, and are not considered by the university to be part of it, so complaining about it is not weird. They’re not complaining against themselves. Also, in some universities, faculty members are not the highest paid employees, administrators are. And I’m sure that makes many faculty members unhappy.

Lastly, publications don’t make money, they make name recognition. Researchers pay the journals. If a manuscript is accepted, they have to pay by the page, and even more if there are color plates or graphics. It is expensive stuff to publish in peer-review journals. [/aside]